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Buy a inkjet garment printer with price about 5000$

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  • Buy a inkjet garment printer with price about 5000$

    Dear all,

    I have many customers about uniform ( ex: T-shirts..) so i want to buy a machine - inkjet garment printer to print on T-shirt
    I have sawn some websites, inkjet garment printers, but that is difficult for me to choise a machine is suitable.
    I saw a inkjet garment printer of Brother ( graffitee GT 361 ) BUT the price is so much - about 22000$.
    So all of you can introduce for me some inkjet garment printer can print on T-shirt?


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    I have a Belquette Mod 1. It works well and their support is great. We used to have a kiosk2 and this is so much better. It's also a few thousand less then the one you listed above. I would recommend checking out They have a lot of information about dtg printers. I don't think you will find much info on this site. You aren't going to find much for new machines around $5000 especially with white ink. Used machines are usually problematic. I have our old kiosk2 sitting around that I would get rid of for well under $5000 if you were interested.


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      Hi there,

      Can you send me the picture of that machines? year of manufacture? And some specifications that machine\