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    Default Image Trace in Illustrator 6

    When I tell Illustrator to Trace a .jpeg, part of it disappears. I'm new to this feature so bare with me . . .
    Also, after the Trace, I still have a bounding box, where are the paths?
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    There are a bunch of different settings on the image trace so maybe the auto settings just aren't working for your image. Try playing around with the custom settings to see if you can get what you need.

    After you trace something I believe you still have to expand it to get all the paths to show up.

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    Try option "Object Expand" or Object Expand Appearance with "select all" chosen. Results of auto trace in the old software versions were rarely good however with CS2 (i think), renamed option "Live Trace" started giving results about 5 times better. Good Luck! Dan

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