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    Default Making printer flats

    Anyone know an easy way to make printer flats? I need to match a complicated preps layout. It was done in printer spreads, but on this job I rec. single reader pages.
    I thought you could make a book in indd. or do it in acrobat/pitstop?
    Haven't figured it out yet.


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    You want to Impose a document.
    InDesign includes a very basic feature: File > Print Booklet. It involves toggling from its primary Dialog to the Print Setup Dialog (from the button lower center) to define paper size, orientation, etc., You will not perform all the features built into a complicated preps layout (full disclaimer, I've never seen preps. or a full featured imposition manager)

    Quite Imposing is a plug-in for Acrobat which has more features than InDesign and I have used it for years. I believe they offer a 30 day trial.

    What you very likely will not accomplish with either is creep correction if the final signatures involve right angle folding. Also, you might not accomplish 8 page signatures. From either ID or Quite imposing you could create 2 page pdf spreads which you either:
    - Place into ID to create larger sigs
    - Use Quite Imposing to Rotate and Combine pdf spreads into larger spreads.

    It gets tedious. Create a dummy

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    A low cost, stand alone PDF imposition program that I like is "Imposition Studio":

    Easiest Ever PDF Imposition Software for Digital & Offset Printing Presses

    (I have no commercial or other affiliation with this company/software)

    I am not sure how complex the Preps template is or if entry level software like Imposition Studio will be flexible enough to handle your unknown impo layout.

    Stephen Marsh

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