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    Default Profiling Epson Proofer / Trueflow

    Few questions... Using "TruFlow Workflow" / "Epson 9800 Printer/proofer"

    1) What is the best papers to use uncoated and coated for press matching proofs off the Epson 9800?

    2) From what I understand pdfs are ripped to .tifs in the process and the tiff is what the 9800 (gmg rip) uses to print with behind the scenes. If I want to use the light process colors to simulate actual spot colors close, how can I acheive this given it is ripping to a tif? Is there a better way to get spot colors to render closer to the actual spot instead of a straight 4color build?

    3) If I want Gracol to be my standard. Proofing on glossy stocks and printing on a coated stock is fine. What about simulating how it will look on an uncoated sheet as it would look on the press? I have seen swop coated and uncoated profiles but I do think I have seen the same for Gracol.

    4) Lastly, I would like to make content only proofs off our Konica 550 to assemble and finish to the finished product and use the Epson to create Color approval prints. Good idea / Bad Idea? If I want to do this what is the easiest way to ensure that I don't have issues with text or transparencies looking totally different. Convert pdf to a tif and print that to the Konica? I want the least conversions and step involved but do issue that could relate to content. Again it is a content only proof I am looking for and I do realize I could run a backed up epson but, would be much simpler if I could just run it on the Konica on the actual stock.

    Any feedback on all or some would be appreciated.


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    I'm unaware of any uncoated papers that can be used on inkjet proofers.

    Yes, TrueFlow generates a tiff file for proofing. I believe you can keep the spot colors as separate channels - the tiff file format is capable of handling this, see if TrueFlow is.

    SWOP and GRACoL are associated with coated stocks. I'm not aware of SWOP profiles for uncoated stock.

    When I ran TrueFlow, I handled content proofs just as I handled contract proofs. The only differences were the paper and the resolution I used. I proofed out flats, backed them up on the light table, and cut 'em down.

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    I barely have my color management under control in my shop, so I'm not going to offer too much on advice for that, but I will tell you we have found in our shop...

    As for the "uncoated" proofs, we use HP's Heavyweight Coated for proofing. It works fine on both our 7600 and 7880. you DO need a separate profile of course though.
    Here is the link:
    HP Heavyweight Coated Paper-610 mm x 30.5 m (24 in x 100 ft) (C6029C) specifications - HP Small & Medium Business products
    >>Edit>>the "Coated" in the name is deceptive, it has a coating on it to properly absorb the ink, but looks and feels similar to a standard uncoated sheet.

    as for profiling it though, it's a bit tricky. even using a spectrophotometer, you just can't simulate the "dull" look of printing on offset, you can get close, but not great. One thing to keep in mind is that these Epson printers were designed to print Full Color Photo/Art prints with a wider color gamut than had been seen before. each newer model adds a larger and larger range to the gamut., which is great for art prints. for proofing, quite honestly, it sucks. To print on the "uncoated" paper, you just can't get the colors to dull out far enough. though it is better than on a gloss or semi-gloss paper.

    My experience with Spot color proofing is this: we put a big sticker on the proof that says "spot color jobs will not proof color accurately. We will match the Pantone color swatch you have selected as closely as possible within the limitations of the stock being printed. If you have any concerns about color, please consult your sales rep before approving this proof" Yes, you have a wider color gamut with the newer epsons, but (at least to my knowledge) without lots of special profiling for each color, your rip will still send the 4-color equivalents to be proofed.

    Please though, wait for other responses on the spot color part. There people much more knowledgeable then I on this matter floating around the forum.

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