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    Default Panther

    I have a panther plus and all of the sudden it will not burn film

    Exposure set to each end and film comes out clear?

    please help

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    Default good luck

    I wish you luck in getting parts, and some seious luck in getting a tech to work on it. We used a panther up untill about 5 years ago. We switched to an Agfa accuset, a great imagesettin my opinion. Befor the switch we had a problem with it. A bad switch. I was able to locate on aftermarket, The last one they had. The panther was put away in good working order, and may be for sale or trade. It has been stored in a climate controlled room all this time. I have never asked the boss what he intends to do with it. I was kinda hopeing they might let me have it somday. I know it must have some really good chips with some potential good recoverable gold in it. Reclaing gold from scrap e-waste, and old film is a hobby with me. Film is getting harder to find anymore. Anyway if you want I will see what the plans are for it and if interested I will let you know. I have no doubt it would make a plate as soon a hooked up.Then you could use your old machine as a spre parts machine. PM me here if interested. It is locates in far NE far NE I literally walk across the street every day to a convience store. I am then in Arkansa when I cross the center of the street.
    Best of luck with the Panter.

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    We are the manufacturers and parts are readily available for all Panther models. Call 603-689-1101 and ask for service. We have engineers spread throughout the USA should a visit be required, so I don't know what the post below means with "good luck getting a tech to work on it". We have many Panthers in use with service contracts on them.

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