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    Quote Originally Posted by random View Post
    Beater? as in egg beater? All laser printers use heat and I would assume that you would have similar problems with a c6500 as heat is heat regardless of how you make it.

    My customers use self sealing envelopes that have to be folded to reveal the adhesive. Even your oily 8000 might print on them. Ooooops thats right minimum paper width 180mm hardy har har
    Beater as in I Beat the Sh!t out of it by running anything that will run through it!

    My Gorden Flesch techs hate me when I tell them it was running fine until I ran magnetic paper through it.

    As for the envelopes we only run them on the 3200 when the customers need less than 50. The rest of our envelopes are run on offsets... you know REAL printing... with ink and plates and water!

    It's fun when you can have dialog with someone who has a sense of humor!

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    I have tried printing envelopes on several digital (toner based) digital print engines and in my experience there is no way to get away from wrinkling the envelope. The only thing I have found that seems to work to some extent is to run the envelopes with the flap open and the longest edge (after opening the flap) as the leading edge (on #10's the flap is open and is the trailing edge). For #10 envelopes this means opening the flaps (not as bad as it sounds for small quantities) and using a custom page size. There is a fair amount of jamming (approx 3-4 jams per 100) but for short runs of 100 envelopes it's the only game in town unless you get a small inkjet printer to print them on.

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    We have a C6500 and were told that if we had the bypass tray instead of the high cap drawers, it would do envelopes. I have a hard time seeing it get through the booklet maker without getting lost, but we'll never know. BUT we do have a very old Ricoh Aficio that ran anything through the bypass tray. We've printed all A-size envelopes, on the flap, front, whatever, #10's, you name it. Sadly though, it is dying and we've yet to find a comparable replacement. Konica let us try one that has a envelope feature when we bought our bizhub, but it was terrible and we sent it back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by random View Post
    This machine will run DLE evelopes infact it will print 100mmx182mm from the PF-601. However if you want to print evelopes from the PF-601 you will have to tell tech support to turn of the multifeed detection. You should make sure the seal is down the long edge of the print to prevent creaseing.
    Random, our tech can't find which setting to change to turn multifeed detection off. Do you happen to know which setting to change?

    Thanks for your help!
    Richard Green

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    Meteor DP60 Pro

    If You want print envelopes digitally, go and see this machine it got a envelope feeder of it own and prints on all kinds of envelopes. And there is a lot more! or

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    They need to chnage dipsw 19-5 to 1.

    Good luck

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    running envelopes on the 6500 is not adviseble and out of specs. You can try running with media type plain . The only thing is my customer tried it and with in a day she was down due to the glue sprayed all in the fuser unit and blocked the thermistor and through a fuser code.

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    Default Fuser

    We have a 6500 with 1.5 million on it. I am also a konica trained tech. It is simply not worth the cost in damage to the fuser running envelopes.
    Xante has a new envelope printer that looks promising.

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    We run envelopes on our Xerox 5000 all the time with very little trouble.

    The trick is to use a specific digital envelope - we use digiline envelopes from Xerox supplies.

    The smallest size envelope we can run is C5 though - a DL (letter) envelope is too small to be fed through the machine.

    Hope some of this helps.

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    Exert taken form a post in another thread in Digital Printing:

    We've been running envelopes on our Xante Ilumina for a year. They run really well through it, but mostly runs under 200, because we run through the manual tray. Any amount larger than 200 we print on the duplicators or if four color is needed on the GTO.

    I am impressed on how easy the envelopes run on the Ilimuna and we also have a separate fuser we use for envelopes.... We have had no consistent wrinkle problem (no more than on the offest presses). The gum does not stick to the envelope from the fuser heat. Occasionally we run into the feeder (friction based) not being able to pick up envelopes well when printing on the flap of some announcement envelopes that have a very smooth finish.
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