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    Default Error Code C-4520 on my KM C-6500

    By any chance, does anyone have a fix for error code C-4520 on a Konica Minolta C-6500? This code popped up once before and the tech had it fixed (or at least running) in about 2 minutes. I suspect he merely bypassed some boot process or sensor as a work-around, but I'd settle for that for now just to get the thing running until help can arrive.

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    Question Some information for you C4520


    Regarding to the Error code C 4520 with the KM 6500/6501, this is the problem when the machine perform the " Automatic color registration correction" was aborted.

    So what does it mean of Color registration correction:

    - Purpose: To prevent registration errors on transfer belt. (Drift in the main scan direction, Drift in the sub scan direction, Entire horizontal magnification in the main scan direction, Skewing).
    - The color registration marks for each color are transferred on the transfer belt.
    These locations are detected by the color registration sensor/F and the color registration sensor/R to determine the image drift amount for each color. If the amount for a color is beyond the set point, it adjusts the image write timing, the clock frequency, and the angle of the cylindrical lens 2 for the corresponding color.

    Again, the machine dectect the Color registration marks (two color marks, front side and Rear side) on the Transfer belt by the color registration sensor/F and the color registration sensor/R. This procedure will be done when:

    - Turn on the machine, and the machine is warm up and the temp of fusing unit below 70 DegC. The time required about 2 mins.
    - The specified number of page is printed. Time required : about 30 seconds
    - The print operation has not been performed for a certain time (~1hr) Time required : about 30 seconds
    - A certain change in temperature is detected (about 20%) from the temp detection board (TDB). Time required : about 30 seconds

    So the problem C4520 appeared, maby it cause by:

    - Color registration sensor/F and the color registration sensor/R ( The location is on the main frame, behind the transfer belt may be dirty (you have to clean) or damged.
    - Color marks problems: So you have to check laser unit, charging corona, drum unit, developing unit, and transfer belt. Alot of thing you need to check but very easy for the service because he known the machine.

    For example: if the drum unit Y is damaged --> the density of the Yellow mark is too light --> the sensor can detect this mark --> So the error code will appear.

    It will the same with charging corona, belt surface, developer...

    Hope this helpp to find the source of the problem and then very easy to fix it.

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    Wow, that's a lot of useful information! Thank you for taking the time to respond. The machine was serviced by the technician before I read your response, (and you were much more informative than he was,) but I'm going to locate those components that may be "fixed" by cleaning them, and those that can be replaced using the parts we keep on the shelf. This was not the first time that message has come up, so I'm pretty sure it will surface again, and I want to be ready for it.

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    You are trying to service this machine yourself? If this code always comes up pull out the process unit and have a look at the belt from the left hand side. Does it have a buckle in it? If so remove the TB assy and at the bottom front there is a cam adjustment with marks loosen the screw and turn it anti-clockwise to the next mark.

    If it is not buckled then like AFFcup says the sensors may be dirty. You should remove the sensor board (with the power off) and clean the sensors AND the brushes that are supposed to clean them because they can also get dirty and re-soil the sensors. On one occasion I had the lense inside the sensor get dirty, usually you can pop this out and clean it.
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    Wow, thanks for the info - had a similar problem and as it turns out the belt was buckling a bit and I managed to fix it - later had some issues with the sensors which were dirty since the "brushes" were soiled too. Eventually had the problem so often that we realised there was another problem all together. I posted a new thread today about it - should come up soon... here is the text below

    Thanks a lot for the useful information:

    I have a C6500 print engine which works just beautifully but recently I have had quite some hassles with it. After about 200 prints I get spoons-ful of toner falling onto the pages and smudges all over - then after a short while I get a sting of errors (mainly C4520). After many trials and checks I realised that the "toner remover assy" which slots onto the printing belt has a lot of spent toner in it and somehow it is not transported into the spent- toner bin. I removed the "toner remover assy" and cleaned it out and also tested the "worm srew drive" which is supposed to transport the spent toner out and all works fine.

    Further I also removed the "gutter system" which is supposed to remove the spent tone to the bin to see if there are any blockages, and with some patience I managed it, cleaned it all and refitted the lot (on the inside of the machine). The problem is still there which makes me believe that perhaps the motor which drives the "spent toner gutter system" is perhaps not working well. I have a I/O test list with codes of various motors which I can switch on and off by means of different codes but cant seem to find the one for the Toner removal system.

    The problem is really that the spent toner from the belt is not transported out of the machine properly and keeps on accumulating in the "removal assy" on the belt and then falls out onto the colour registration sensors and the works below - needless to say that this creating a lot of mess, not to mention the times I have to remove the entire Colour registration assy in order to clean it out as well as the sensors.

    Maybe someone had a similar problem fixed ot knows of any idea to try and solve this. I have also photos of the parts in question. Sorry if I did not use the right names of the various parts - hope it is clear enough.---

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