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    Default Question for those who went from Docutec to Nuvera

    Hello All!

    I came upon this site while looking for user comments on the Xerox Nuvera. I've heard good/bad points from techs and just a few users in the area.

    I've had a pair of remanufactured 6135's in the shop for the past 9+ years. Both have interposers, one has a Bourg BDFx on the end. These machines have been real work horses for us. Lately however, little things, mostly electrical, have been failing frequently and Xerox is hesitant to renew our service contract. I have to agree that it's time to pasture these babies.

    I would like to keep with the same 61xx series with interposers knowing that what I'll be getting are remanufactured machines. This time I would go for the 6180 for the single sheet, corner stapled and tape bound books and keep the old Bourg as a back-up on the end. The second machine would be a 6115 with a new BDFx used exclusively for running saddle stitched booklets (at the 135 speed).

    Working for a state school district, higher quality b/w prints than we're producing now isn't an issue (color is!). My concern is with durability over the for the long run.

    My question focuses on just the above. How durable will a brand spanking new Nuvera be in the long term. Any comments would surely be appreciated.

    p.s. - I'm also looking at the Oce VarioPrint 6200

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    We replaced one of our 6180's with a Nuvera 288 in August. We have put over 16m on it so far only had around 4 service calls it is a great box. The DocuTechs are work horses the one we traded in had over 300m on it. The Nuvera are plastic inside so far it has not been a problem ask me in about a year. The Docs are all metal and can take a beaten from your employees. We still have three 6180's early next year we going to trade in for two Nuvera 314's. If your work is text and no screen you can run on both, if you have screens, halftones, photos, etc you cannot run on both. The docs are only 600 dpi and the Nuvrea prints 4800 x 600 dpi and rips 1200 x1200 dpi. If you don't need the higher quality you should purchase a couple used 6180's from a preferred Xeorx vendor like JJ Binder and you can get Xerox service no problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchal View Post
    p.s. - I'm also looking at the Oce VarioPrint 6200
    I run an inplant in a large school district, three years ago I was in the same boat. I elected to go the Oce VP6250 route and have not regret it. I have over 20 million 11x17 impressions on the box and have had very little trouble, this thing just runs. It is mainly used to run testing material on 60# offset we then load the material on an offline Duplo 5000 for booklet making. Once you step into the high speed boxes inline booklet makers cycle speed can't keep up if you are doing booklets with 2 to 4 sheets, they will slow the print engine down.

    If you want PM me and we can talk via phone if you are really interested in my input.

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