Hi, I've been going through this forum the last couple of years after getting a job running an in-house print shop for a global company in Scandinavia. The amount of information and tips I've found here has been invaluable.

Now I need more specific help as the current contract with Xerox is expiring and global in their infinite wisdom has given the contract to HP. As I have no prior experience with digital printers, I'm a bit apprehensive about the change. I got a DC 242 and a DC 250 that run an average monthly click of 30 000 in total. They are ok for the work we do - usually A4 brochures, flyers, A3 posters and cards on various stocks, silk, glossy etc up to 300 gsm. The corporate brand design is often a lot of solids and the current machine aren't always giving the best output, often with bands and streaks. We had them for over 5 years and it's time to upgrade.

What I need some help and advise about is which HP model that would be an upgrade from my current ones. The Indigo seems to be a bit too much. Does anybody here have experience with HP?

I've looking for other producers ,as I'm trying to get a separate contract for the printshop, and I'm looking at Canon, Ricoh Konica Minolta and Xerox. Which of their models can be seen as an upgrade?

The most important factor is print quality rather than speed.

I'm now trying to contact the different producers and would like to have some information before meeting any of the sales rep so I have something keeping me afloat in the stream of BS I'll surely be inundated in