13 Ways to Resolve, Reflect & Release a New You

Linda DescanoJanuary 08, 2013

Another year has arrived and thus begins my annual taking stock of where I am and where I’m headed, always with a goal of making “this” the “best” year professionally, financially and personally. I actually put myself through a semi-formal 3-step process, which I call the “3Rs”: I reflect on what I’ve accomplished, learned and completely dropped the ball on; I resolve on which areas to focus in the new year; and, probably the most difficult, I “release” – that is, shake off – the small hurts, frustrations, and negativity accumulated over the year so that I can truly make a fresh start.

Ever curious about how others approach a new year, I asked the members of Connect: Professional Women’s Network, a LinkedIn group powered by Citi, as well as my Facebook friends about their process – did they reflect, resolve and release too? The short answer was a resounding “yes” to reflecting and releasing, with more focusing on affirmations rather than traditional resolutions – which really resonates with my “glass-half-full” mindset.
13 practices to help you begin making a new – or better – you in 2013:


Celebrate what you’ve accomplished
Explore how you’ve helped others and those who have helped you
Crystallize areas that you wish to improve, advance or initiate
Think big about “tomorrow”

Look forward and not backward
Start each day with a smile and a thankful thought or prayer for someone
Say thank you to those who have helped you
Handle conflict in healthy ways
Act in love – of yourself and others – rather than out of fear of what others might think
Look for the positive in any situation

Leave negativity behind
Let go of the fear of failure and of what others think
Forget perfection and aim for consistency

How do you approach a new year? What did you learn in 2012 that you plan to carry forward? And, what will you leave behind?