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    Bringing this one back :

    Anyone that is working for a printing firm that received SGP certification, have you been asked by the auditor's what chemicals you use & if you use alcohol in the fountain solution?

    I know of another printing firm that has SGP certification & they are using:
    An average of 15% + IPA on their presses
    Roller & blanket wash that contains 900 g/l VOC a mix of aromatic & aliphatic chemicals
    Manual blanket & ink duct cleaner that is Quick clean solvent 950 g/l voc
    Roller & blanket de-glazer that are some of the harshest still available.
    Ink that is petroleum based

    Effectively they are still using the worst chemicals & ink available yet they haven't been questioned once regarding the type of chemicals & ink they use.
    Not once have the auditors graphed their total voc emissions.

    They do however have a folder that contains all the MSDS for the products, they also graph how much waste is recycled or goes to land fill.
    They then pay for the pleasure of being audited & get to use the lovely little SGP logo and tick so their clients & perspective clients are lead to believe they are a sustainable - environmentally friendly and aware company.

    Our company is SGP certified, but not once have we been questioned on our chemical or ink usage. I have however taken the responsibility of eradicating and substituting as many harsh chemicals that's possible, & we run IPA free. But not once have the auditors or PIAA SGP staff asked what type of chemicals we use.

    Is it fair that there are some companies doing the right thing, towards the environment yet others continue detrimental practices towards the environment, yet they can market themselves as a sustainable green operation?

    Finally take a look at the cost to achieve certification & the ongoing re-audit costs. Not forgetting that to be a member of PIAA the fees are substantial alone. Plus you have the time taken up filling out all the paperwork to meet the requirements.
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    Luke as long as there are companies who willingly want to give money to organizations for stickers and logos it will never change.
    Ignorance is the curse of those who have money to give and a blessing to those wiling to take it.
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    Interesting to find out that printing firms here who want to do work for government firms be it digital or offset printing, need to be SGP certified, or they most likely won't get the work.

    How has this come about?
    Have PIAA & the boffins at SGP made a strategic move, to try and force print firms into obtaining SGP certifications?

    Every year a company that has SGP certificating needs to be re-audited & also pay a fee for the audit along with the yearly SGP fee. I believe this fee is thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

    So SGP argue that becoming SGP certified puts manufacturing processes in place that ultimately make your firm more sustainable, both environmentally & financially.
    One would have to argue that the financial savings put in place by the manufacturing processes are all negated by the initial SGP fees per Level obtained not forgetting there are four levels to achieve & also the ongoing yearly fee's that increase depending on the SGP level.


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