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    Sustainable: I'm not knocking the green chemicals please understand that.

    Yes of course a well maintained press will operate more efficently whether your using green chemicals or nasty chemicals.

    My point was that The nasty chemicals will still work and cover up issues on the press..
    A low flash wash will still washup with worn blades & with roller settings that are less then desirable.
    A fount with 10 - 15% alcohol will still operate when dampening rollers are cactus.

    Taken from ******
    The key to implementing ****** in any pressroom is strong management. Well managed organizations share the desire to be the best and are easy to identify; they are clean and organized, the "PRESS EQUIPMENT IS MAINTAINED PROPERLY", and procedures are in place and followed.

    For instance, say you walk into a pressroom that had 10 large multi coloured presses, they are all operating with 10% alcohol & ink rollers are old, dampening rollers outside their recommended shore A hardness.
    Wash up blades are not new & they are using a 40 deg wash....
    But they are putting work onto the floor at a high standard.

    Are you saying that you can transfer them to the safe green chemistry without a change of rollers or washup blades and they will continue to operate with the same window?

    It's unfortunate but with the current economy and the difficulty that printing firms are having, they do look at all these things when choosing products..
    I've spoken to numerous consumable guys here that are simply selling standard chemicals & now trying to get customers to go alcohol free and they said it's a real slog...
    They said Accounts management of printing firms look at one figure and that is the initial cost of the product & then any additional costs to use that product.

    We have for the last few years been trying to push 100% recycled stocks but there has been very little up take as companies simply don't want to pay the extra $. Doesn't matter how much greener it may be.

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    Here's what I'll tell you about my current plant. I work on a Heidi CD102 which has 4 crews. 2 of the operators keep taking the bridge rollers out of the dampers. When they wash up units, they screw the bridge rollers in as tight as they will go. Of course, this amount of pressure is excessive. Many, many times I have changed damper forms because the ends have become pitted/wrinkled/damaged from this abuse. The plant didn't even own a durometer until after I got there and begged for one. They still don't have any standards for roller shore hardness so maybe out of spec rollers get changed, maybe they don't. When we do a periodic maintenance on a unit, we don't get half the time to do the job that it deserves. And there are so many things on the press that need to be fixed that can't be because we've got to get product out on the floor. Would the plant be money ahead if things got fiexed? Probably, but those decisions are above my pay level. After a while a person gets tired of complaining to management and you just make do.

    To be honest, our press room might be considered green. I haven't looked at the MSDS for the solvents or the fountain solution.

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    You raised up a proper point.Its true that just the laws are in documents and are not being implemented effectively.
    stubby coolers
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