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    Default Coal seam gasification

    Interesting to hear peoples thoughts on coal seam gasification.
    There is a real push for the use of natural gas over coal... but coal seam gas seems far from natural when you look into it.

    We are 5th Generation of a rural farming area with parts declared protected national parks. Many hundreds of acres of prime pastures and pristine water ways, both used for beef & dairy cattle, also the water ways are the only source of drinking water for the wider spread community & towns.

    The testing is underway & mapping for coal seam gas exploration throughout this region.
    I'm trying to sort fact from fiction regarding benefits / negatives.

    Obviously high on any local around a marked coal seam gas site is the possible negative health issues or environmental degradation.
    Trying to source the types of chemicals used is hard as only a small % of cas# need to be provided for CSG in Australia due to the trade secret act..
    A simple condensed list of chemicals pumped in during the drilling & fracking stage that I could find brings up chemicals used everyday in most print shops, some known to be harmful to the health and have environmental issues. But as in any industry if particular chemicals would raise a red flag then if possible they will be withheld, so if anyone is up to speed on CSG could you please pass on links or any information regarding the process.
    Both for the Pros & cons... Possibly this is a safer cleaner solution then coal mining and the negative effects brought about by that industry.
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    Have a look for the "Gaslands" documentary on the web, it runs for about an hour and is quite an eye opener... I hope that I never have to hold a lighter to my tap to test the water!

    Stephen Marsh

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