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    Default Machine Advice!!

    Guys I needed some machine advice from the resident flexo experts on this forum Its on this machine from India called the Multitec Ecoflex narrow web flexo.My company is primarily into pharma packaging (offset) and is looking to diversify into label printing without too high an initial investment as the field is completely new to us.
    I know its a little obscure for most people but seriously any advice would be useful.Looking for info like reliability,Print Quality.Thanks in advance!

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    We have the following flexo CtP for sale:

    2008 Trendsetter NX MID (for large flexo and offset plates)
    Technology: 50W thermal laser
    Max. plate size: 45” x 33” (1143 x 838mm)
    Min. plate size: 9” x 10.6” (229 x 270mm)
    Speed: 6 min. per imaging layer
    Software: Kodak TIFF Front End Software

    If interested, please contact me at
    Best regards,


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    If I was to purchase a press for Pharma labels I would look into a new or used Mark Andy 2200, it is a very versitile press easy to learn and prints high quality work at an affordable price

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    Hallo all, Im new to the forum and i dont realy know where to aply for some questions i have regarding Pharmaceutical labels. I havent fount out yet how to post a new thread so im sorry for barging in like this. As the colique above we have kind of the same problem. We are producing the pils for a pharmaceutical company and now we are ready to proceed with label production. But we are missing the experience in the field. So we are looking for someone to guide us properly so we buy the correct machine for the correct jobs.

    -will be printing gloss paper label and a small quantity of trasparent plastic (poly propilenioum if i am not mistaken). I have all the dimetion of the labels as well.
    -we are looking for a machine that will serve the pharmacutical company in order to minimase cost. Production of labels is around 6 milions.
    -maximum colors 5 , most jobs are 3 colors.

    But most importand for me right now is to find answer for this 7 question:

    1) do we get a UV or an airdry Ink system?
    2) do we die cut and slit inline or is it adviceable to do this separately? (I would prefer to finish the job one pass if posible , again so i minimise the cost and without buying extra equipment)
    3) is it better to be a central drum machine or not ?
    4) rotary die cutting or flatbet ?
    5) do we make our own cliche or outsorce them?
    6) What kind of clishe will we need?
    7) and last is printing on foil for blister doable on any flexo machine?

    again sorry for the intrusion and the huge post.

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