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    Default Dynastrip Creep issue

    We use Dynastrip for imposition and rip eps through Rampage v10.4. Here's our issue—I hope it makes sense, some things can be hard to explain, but I welcome any suggestions.

    When we have a job that needs creep (push-in) and the pages are close to our color bar, the marks coming from the single page eps files show up in the areas of the color bar that are transparent. We have the pages in Dynastrip set for .125" bleed but Dynastrip seems to ignore this when we apply creep. It seems to extend the bleed area beyond the .125" we specify and conflict with the colorbar. Our colorbar is a 6-c colorbar but when we do not use all 6 colors in the bar, there are "transparent" spots. So essentially, "garbage" coming from the single eps pages shows through the holes and makes it impossible for the press scanner to read. We really don't want to make it a standard where we turn off all marks around single pages in the Rampage profile.

    My only work around has been to rip the unused spot colors in the colorbar and tell the platemakers not to plate these extra colors. Does anyone have a solution in Dynastrip?

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    Default Re: Dynastrip Creep issue

    where did your color bar come from? Is it editable in Illustrator? If so I'd say try putting a white box under the bar in illustrator. That should then cover the marks from the page. Your seeing the transparancy because the 5th or 6th color in the bar is being omitted and leaving a "hole".


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