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Thread: New guy, AB Dick 360 question(s)

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    Default Hope this helps


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    Default HP-5000 Poly Plates

    The toner scatters on the plate and needs to be cleaned off. I have had good luck with standard FPC, and excellent luck with Gold Miracle. You need to be careful not to rub off the image. (Run plate through printer twice for a good bake). Ink up the plate and let it clean back up then use the cleaner on it. You might need to stop at about 500 impressions and clean it again. Keep your alcohol to a minimum and use your standard mixture for your water....Good luck! I am very pleased with a plate called "Pronto Plates". You might want to give these a try.

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    accidental post Sorry

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    1- deglaze the rollers.
    2- check to see if your hp is not low on toner it has a habit of putting a very lite tint on the plate.
    3- your going to have to balance the water & the ink
    4- if it starts to build up wet the plate with your fountain solution this helps.
    I have the 8805 and have the same problem every now and than

    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Printers Parts used to sell those. They even used to offer a video.
    Try Printers Parts parts rollers & supplies for printing equipment & offset & letterpress printing presses

    I checked my PDF's and I do not have that model. I am an expert on that machine and I would be happy to help you any way I can.

    The AB Dick 350/360 built the fast printing market and there are thousands still in operation.


    Do you have AB Dick 9985 Operator Manual in pdf? I am looking for it for a long time but can't find it. Thus, the machine I bought still sitting on the floor:<


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    Default Need AB Dick 360 cd Operating Manual

    HELP! I recently purchased an AB Dick 360-cd from a friend but he didn't have the operator manual. Does anyone know where I could get one?

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    Default Try Acrylic Ink

    Quote Originally Posted by washingtonmike View Post
    Good morning: Name is Michael in Iowa, a hobby letterpress printer and moving into offset with an AB Dick 360CD. Had my first successful(?) press run yesterday with Baseline poly plates and HP 5000; this about the fourth or fifth attempt. Many of the usual newbie problems; plate coming off during the run (ink all over the place including impression cylinder which was a b**** to get to and clean), too much/not enough ink, too much/not enough water, etc. Finally, on the last run got a decent (not perfect) impression but plate is picking up a lot of ink outside the image area, ergo transferring to blanket as well. I've been pretty careful about etching only the image part of the plate without much overlap but don't think that's the problem anyway. Going thru Kimwipes like gangbusters. Any suggestions?
    Try Acrylic Ink VanSon Infinity ink, dont use Oil Base Ink in this press.

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    Yes, avoid oil based on this machine if possible. Rubber based runs much better in my experience.

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    hey is it possible to send me the operators manual for the Ab Dick 360/350?
    it will help alot..thanks

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    Default AB Dick 360

    Hey Washington,

    I've got just about every model of AB Dick, and every dampening possible - standard, alcohol, Kompac and Crestline. We'll still take the standard dampening for most jobs. HOWEVER there are some things you need to know.

    1) The HP printer you are using will leave a LOT of toner scatter on the plate. This is mostly what is causing the ink pick-up. You need to get some of the Base-line plate cleaner - it has a very fine abrasive with water. Clean AROUND the words and images - don't rub the image too hard or you will take it off. But you can clean the rest of the plate, and this will help a ton. There also might be a setting on your printer or driver to lighten the image.

    2) The ink you use has to be a fairly heavy-bodied, high-tack ink. The AB Dick rubber base or AB Dick oil base standard ink works great on that machine. The liquid inks made for large presses won't print. Don't even waste your time.

    3) If you can get the AB Dick fountain solution 1115 or 1125, they will work very good. You only need an ounce to a quart and you should be fine.

    4) Print quality will also be affected by your pressures - roller pressure, and plate to blanket. If you can get a Manual and make sure your pressures are right - just keep a bit of oil on the moving parts from time to time, and that ole 360 will print another 30 years! One of our favorite presses for everything from printing to numbering is our green 360 (the green ones were BEFORE the black ones!).


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