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    Default want to know about dhalgren damp

    dear friends,

    we are new in this field, we are planing to purchase used offset machine form europe.
    we have been offered one roland machine form european dealer but this machine is having dhalgren damp. so we want to know is this damp good in working or there is any other problem.
    we can go for this dhalgren damp system or not.

    please let us know your suggestion regarding this and help us out to know more about this damping system.

    thanks in advance.

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    my experience with the older dahlgren dampening was a positive one. but then again they were coming out as a retrofit for a conventional ducted dampening system so any continuous flow system would be an improvement. once the press manufacturers began engineering their own continuos flow dampening systems the dahlgren systems seemed to show its weaknesses. one weakness that i remember was that the water form roller fit into the space that used to be occupied by the number 1 ink form. it was a fully intergrated system but the downside was that you sacrificed one of your ink forms. on the plus side i seen to remember that it had the ability to skew and it was an easy setting to make. i think id be more concerened about the actual press that your buying as opposed to the dampening system. although i learned printing on the older roland piggyback presses and am familiar with them inside and out i wouldnt want to go back to running one with all their weaknesses when configured as a multicolor press. Even roland eventually seen the weakness of the design and changed over to a unitized configuration. just my 2cents!!!

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