Has anyone run into issues with XMPie uImage spelling names wrong while creating the assets for a print job? This little joy has crept into our workflow recently and we have not been able to track down what is causing it even with help from Xerox and XMPie.

Workstation configuration:
Dell Optiplex 790 / Windows 7 Professional / 4GB RAM / Adobe CS5.5 / XMPie uCreate Print 6.0.2

We have 3 different machines that are set up to run this software and we see this issue with all three machines. The software is only misspelling names in images that utilize Image fonts and is so random that you can run a job, pinpoint a misspelled name, delete all of the assets that the software created and rerun the job and a different name and even picture will be misspelled.

The issue is totally random and only seems to be fixed by trashing the Photoshop preferences and letting the software rebuild them. Doing this only helps for a job or two.

I have even gone as far as rebuilding one of the machines and the issue came back after doing one job.

If you have ever seen this issue please tell me about your experience and what you did to fix it. Both Xerox and XMPie have never heard of this issue before.