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    I have a very strange problem with my Designjet 9000, as soon as I start printing all printheads start to drop nozzles and soon it starts to print blank as if there is ink starvation, I cancel printing and run IQ test (without cleaning) and it comes out perfect, I repeat the IQ test for 5 or 6 times and still perfect, I start printing again and ink cuts out after less than 5 cm.

    Replaced USB cable, replaced the RIP computer, used another RIP software and another computer still the problem exists.

    Please note attached files.
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    I have had a similar issue with my HP 26500 and what seemed to by my issue was that the carriage would travel over the cleaning station after I had cancelled the print and the docking was clearing the nozzle. To combat this reoccurring problem I turned my gutters on and created a page size within Onyx to break up my take up and make the head dock onto the cleaning station after about 100" or so. It worked. I'm not sure if your designjet has heaters but that seemed to by part of my issue. I was consistently running the same images and some of the inks weren't being used and being baked, clogging heads. gutters helped that specific issue.

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