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    Unhappy need help urgent

    i am recently hired to a company that sells, installs and maintains wide and large format printers, and i need urgently to read about this field, i am a mechanical engineer, and want to read about the mechanisms, design, materials of the printers in any soft format, ebooks, pdf, djvu, anything

    please help

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    Don't worry. They hired you for a reason. (This is not my field, but we do have 6 big printers and I have a passing knowledge) They are mostly inkJet printers. Take apart a small consumer inkjet, and imagine everything on a bigger scale. Find out who the customers are you'll be sellng to. Are they ad agencies? Poster printers? Photoprinters? Fabric? Billboards? Sides of buses? Begin learning about what substrates (materials) your machines can print on and become familiar with the ideas and language of color management. Good luck!

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