just want your advice on whats best for me to do.

just a breif background of the situation quickly

basically me and my partnet just used to own a garage that specilised in performance parts and tuning.
an old friend came in and asked to join our team with the skill of vehicle wrapping.
a month into it hes gave us the idea of buying the HP26500 latex printer which didnt only just print custom vehicle wraps but also opened the window of oportunity to make alot more money with other aspects of printing.
so the deal was for him to run the business and us to invest, but we helped out at the beginning as it was going to be difficult on his own.
we agreed and bought a following equiptment brand new and bought them outright (cash) from william smiths

HP26500 latex printer 61"
summa d160 plotter 63"
DRYTAC JM63PRO 63inch wide hot and cold laminator

along with a load of other equitment and stock ect from other companys
richo a3 sublimation printer
creation plotter
36" x 36" heat press
cap press
mug press
doming kit
eyeletting press for banners
1.8m wide custom made vinyl holder which holds like 16 rolls each and we had two made.
loads of stock like cavas frames, pop up stands, roll up banners, cut lettering material, blank sublimation gift idea, fruit of the loom tshirts.
basically everything needed to run a printing company and everything was bought brand new. (the list about was just at the top of my head)

business was running fine, at beginning and were making enough for us to say "its running now" so he could carry on as agreed.
we went back into our garage and pickup up things oon that side as it slowed down as we were concentrating on the printing.

anyways 10-12months after he first came to us he ended up with serious family issues and didnt turn up for a month and then decided he had to leave the business and he was moving out of the country.
shame really!

so were left with a printing company and no one to run it, and everything is virtually brand new.

ive got two options, is to either bring someone else in to run it, or sell up and invest into the garage. To be honest ive lost heart in the printing now.

question is how much would i get for my equiptment that i already have and would it be worth me doing that.