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    KM 6501 vs C7000VP

    We are in the process of merging equipment from another company. They have the 6501 and we based the deal on running both companies jobs on this machine. They have had nothing but problems especially on thicker stock. How thick can you actually run on the C7000VP? We are very demanding will it work for us?


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      The thickest you can run on the C7000VP according to Canon is 300 gsm or 110lb cover. you can push heavier through it but your servicing dealer probably wont support it. Canon is coming out with a new model at Graph Expo, the C7010VP. That one will do 320 gsm and has addressed a lot of the service issues they have had on the C7000VP.


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        Couldn't keep it running

        We've just ended our use of the Canon CV7000 today. We've had it since January 2008. I was part of a small group within our company involved with the replacement of our old Doc60. My criteria was to replace it with something that would satisfy the needs of our doc clients but also serve as a decent backup to our Indigo 5500, which the Doc60 never was. After attending a few demos, my input was that the image quality was the best I had seen for a toner based printer. Unlike the docucolor, its output did not have the look of a glorified copy. The colors were far more natural. The only red flag I put up was that it was a new machine without a track record. We had no way of knowing how it would hold up in a busy shop. Unfortunately my words were prophetic. From the beginning we were calling in a service tech an average of 3 times per week. Many weeks we needed service every day. The worst of it was, often when the Canon would go down, we needed to wait a day or two for a part to be shipped. Yesterday, it went down again (3rd time since Friday) and a service call was placed. The powers to be cancelled the call and pulled the plug since our lease is up in October anyway. They see no point in the futile attempts to try running it any longer. I can't disagree. Sorry to drone on, but I thought my experience may be beneficial. In summary: I could not have been happier with the quality of the Imagepress CV700. However, the quality is useless if I can't keep it running. So, I would not be able to recommend this press as a dependable addition to any shop. If you anticipate your digital printer being an integral part of your operation, look elsewhere.


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          What kind of issues were you having when it wasn't running ? Paper feed, CQ, error codes ?
          Warning I am a Ricoh tech.


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            Not sure how many copies yore where running to have that many service calls. Most machines in this class have a duty cycle of 300,00 to 500,000 a month. Have C6500 run 25 to 30 thousand month service guy their 1 to 2 times month normally on of the develops needs changed he is their same day or early next. Never had to wait for part. Before you buy ask for names of some of their other customers should find out if they are happy with service.


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              I have been away for a month. Sorry I did not respond to your queries earlier.
              We were running standard weight stocks (60lb up to 100lb Txt and Cover). We even pushed up to 120# a few times. Stock was never a problem. We would get code errors telling us to try re-booting then, if that fails, call service. Typically the problem revolved around the yellow developer unit. Being so close to the fixer unit, it would bake the toner. Other color units were replaced less frequently, but often enough. I suppose if they all went down together it would not have been as bad. Another common problem was with the belt "wandering." . . . not sure of the cause, but it was replaced about once a month.
              As to the number of copies we were running: If we were getting 300,000 to 500,000 per month, we would have renewed the lease. With the amount of time it was down we couldn't approach that quantity. Looking back at the logs, I see we had one exceptional month early on when we ran 510,000 through. Other months were 100,000 or less. For the past 6 months, if a job called for more than 10,000 we automatically sent it to our Indigo.
              It may well be a lemon. We are currently looking to replace it and are not ruling out another Canon printer. Hopefully, we will get some guarantees in the service contract this time that will give us options should we have the same frequency of issues.


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                Check out Konic Minolta c8000 as well


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                  Do your self a favor...

                  We have two 7000's (since late 2007). They are pretty good machines as long as you don't push them too hard. We have service out at our facility 4-5 times a week. Why? Because we run heavy stocks (13 x 19 sheet) and paint the sheet. Plus we constantly run over the recommended monthly duty cycle.

                  If you are looking to run over 100,000 13 x19 sheets per month. You will get to know your service people very well.

                  Do yourself a favor and get a bigger machine that is built like a tank and can take the pounding. That would be an I-Gen, Indigo or Nexpress. Your life will be much easier!


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