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Varnish on Digital Prints?

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  • Varnish on Digital Prints?

    Anyone have experience with varnishing digital press prints?

    Xerox Sales Rep okay'ed it, ran 1000+ sheets through this morning on a super-rush-needed-this-yesterday job, 2.5 hours later the varnish is tacky where the toner is and has completely dried where there is paper only....

    My whole morning of work seems to be ruined, who do I yell at, the sales rep or press man for somehow messing up the varnish (Does age of the varnish effect anything? Is it even possible to mess up applying varnish?)

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    Re: Varnish on Digital Prints?

    How did you apply the varnish? On a press?

    Well IMHO toner and varnish are not a good mix. UV/Aqua is probably a better choice. These new digital copiers like the PtekDI and Igen are spawning a new type of off line coating machine that does both UV and aqueous coating. Both flood and spot options are available.
    These coatings apply not only a scratch resistance but the overall good glossy look of a real offset press.


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      Re: Varnish on Digital Prints?

      We don't do any "machine" varnishes - however - we do quite a bit of laminating of digital prints from our xerox 8000. We have noticed due to the oil coverage that we need to allow 24hrs before we do any matt cello etc as after this period the oil "soaks in". If we laminate straight away we get quite a bit of "silvering" and have had some jobs come back after a week or so because of delaminating. After leaving them overnight to laminate we have had no problems since.


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        Re: Varnish on Digital Prints?

        I think 2.5 hours isn't long enough for the varnish to dry. You could wind the sheets, and that might speed up the process. As pointed out above, aqueous and UV are more "on demand" like coatings.
        Patience grasshopper, it'll dry.
        John Lind
        Cranberry Township, PA


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          Re: Varnish on Digital Prints?

          haha, the pressman decided to run the second side without waiting for the front to dry, it marked everything and the job was in the garbage friday.

          the varnish did eventually dry after a couple of hours, and it really looked good (with out all of the wheel marks of course)

          we laminate digital prints too ,with a lot of success. i personally don't like the glossy toner look but those types of finishings and coatings help the finish product really look good.

          Offset Guy, why do you say DI's are digital copiers? They use plates and ink do they not?

          Edited by: seaemwhykay on Jan 21, 2008 12:10 PM


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            Re: Varnish on Digital Prints?

            First of all Varnish is not always the best route to go when trying to add print enhancement. UV is the most versatile way to accomplish this. If you would like please fill free to send me samples. Or call me direct and I may have a customer who is already using my machine the XTRA CURE UV Coater in your area.


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              Re: Varnish on Digital Prints?

              You only choice for digital prints is flood uv coating.. lamination peels off the edges because of the toner and oil.
              We have an offline Coater which we use to coat our offset and digital sheets with either High gloss or Matte depending on the requirement.
              One thing to note, avoid using with clay coating which repells the UV, toner and oils



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                Re: Varnish on Digital Prints?

                > {quote:title=ian wrote:}{quote}
                > You only choice for digital prints is flood uv coating.. lamination peels off the edges because of the toner and oil.

                With Traditional lamination this is true. But there is a new type of lamination out that does work with toner. Check with your Lamination provider for more details.



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                  Re: Varnish on Digital Prints?

                  I don't think UV is the only choice for digital, not if you have a way to apply aqueous coating. UV is the way that manufacturers have tried to steer their customers, especially the stand alone digital color presses. UV is over kill, slippery, expensive, and the post office machines don't like it. If you have an offset press, even a roller coating of aqueous is worth investigation.
                  John Lind
                  Cranberry Township, Pa


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                    Re: Varnish on Digital Prints?

                    There is another option to UV, we have had good success with our Kentucky Shine series of press applied, water based, overprint varnishes. They are applied by the ink fountain of an offset press, no coating unit necessary, or UV issues to deal with. They dry quickly, have good gloss, rub, and they stick to most of the digital print technologies.


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                      gbc ultrabond lamination stick to xerox 700 prints with no problem. we do it at 120 degrees celsius and 7 bar pressure and it sticks ok.
                      Smatros print & - small format, large format, flatbed, dtg, laser engraving & more in EU


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                        We don't have a digital press here but we have run Toyo's press varnish on a few jobs for Digital printers using or Komori Lithrone

                        Ran 45,000 Covers that were printed on an Igen and runs of 10,000 and below that were printed on an Indigo.

                        Never an issue


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                          Kentucky shine takes some practice to master. Press must be running most of the time to keep the Aqueous milling. Also because most presses using this process require more spray powder do to not having an extended drier. Cleaning the press must be done maticulasly . We had a roller that did not clean up that was hidden and it was a real chore to get that stuff off the rollers. I believe the laminate is referred to as aggressive. It is what our lamina tors use for our indigo work


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