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34DI registration and my early opinions

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  • 34DI registration and my early opinions

    I have printed 2 jobs so far and have had bad registration on both, the tail of the sheet is out so some sheets were crooked. I have ran presses with feedboards like this many times. I know when the ptek guy set it up during the training it registered very good. It looks like the sheet goes down the feedboard straight but when it gets to the headstops it jumps toward the push guide then it gets pushed. I didn't see this at all when he set it up. Now I have only printed 2 jobs and I'm gonna work on this feeder setup Monday till it looks smooth and not jumping. He said he liked the brushes which is what is on it now but I allways ran wheels and I tried leaving the brushes further back than he had them but it still doesn't register as good as it did. Same paper that he ran when we first set it up. I haven't changed the pressure so it is the same as when he set it up and it is set so the brushes don't stop so it isn't dragging the tail. The vertical registration is right on. The sheets only has about 1/16" of push. I allready miss the pull guides on the old press, they were GREAT. I believe this will work out fine I just don't like the portrait feed stuff, having to do tumbles instead of W/T is also a pain but I knew all this before we got the machine, I ran a Ryobi 3302 for about 5 years in Ohio. I have been printing for 25 years and the last 13 years I'm a 1 man shop. We had a Hamada C248 which was bought new when the shop started in 1995 so it was one of the good presses made in Japan. That machine was the best small 2 color I ever ran. It was easy,fast and it registered great and printed great, I think I had maybe 4 service calls in 13 years, 2 were just general maintenace like checking it out, making adjustments, everything else I did like putting in and setting rollers and other parts changes which were few and far between. We then bought a Solna 425 to do a 60,000 monthly color newsletter on and other larger runs. It had a great feeder and it printed OK, was slow getting everything up and going and I converted it to bareback dampening. And a duplicator to round it out. The Presstek machine is very fast to get up and running obviously and it does print very good. I noticed that I ran 1000 sheets of 12 x 18 gloss 100# text and had the powder darn near off and it didn't offset. I can wash the whole press up in about 45 min. including blanket washers and all that stuff. I ran about 100 sheets and it was real close to the proof and it didn't change throughout the run. I have a book to print on gloss next month that is 35 sigs so I should get a good idea of the press after that. I'll post again after that.

    banjoman in NC

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    Re: 34DI registration and my early opinions

    Solna 425 - that brings back fond memories, worked a 124, 125, 225 & 425 lovely machines, nice and simple.

    Anyway, on our 34DI, i got the best register like this...

    5mm pushover,
    one spring and pusher on the lays at the headlay end,
    two brushwheels just lightly touching, as far forward on the guide rods as physically possible,
    nothing further down the sheet at all, no wheels, brushes, anything past these front wheels.

    This worked well for us until we upgraded to a 52DI in December.

    Good luck.



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