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Image problems with C6500

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  • Image problems with C6500

    We have recently installed a C6500 and Creo rip. Our problem occurs when printing gradients and flat tints. The image is blotchy and full of streaks. Many service calls have not resolved the problem.
    Anyone having similar problems?

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    Re: Image problems with C6500

    Gradients that fade out to zero are not easy on any toner based engine, including the C6500. Banding and striping are inherent. Toner does not blend out well like ink and you will see bands in the gradients as they fade out of solid. This is especially true with colors like green, purple, brown and orange. Blue is tough too, you will typically see Magenta stripes in the <30% range of the gradient. This is a problem that will be very hard to service, you might consider changing your design, it may prove to be less frustrating in the long run. Make sure your machine and Creo are up to date on firmware, service packs, and patches. Calibrate using the densitometer on the media you are priniting on, and cross your fingers.

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      Re: Image problems with C6500

      I'm pretty sure we have the most current service pack, but how can I confirm the firmware and patches are up to date?


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        Re: Image problems with C6500

        try changing the mode from dot1 to line1 or line2, Konica default them to dot1, calibrate on line 1 and print on line 1, big difference.


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          Re: Image problems with C6500 - Solution to help gradation quality

          Has anyone tried fading the gradation to a low number such as 3% to 4% rather than to zero?
          We found this to help with many digital color imaging devices over the years. Fading to zero
          can cause gradation quality problems that our designers did this as a great solution that
          visually gives a result that 99% could not notice the lack of zero fade to.

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            Re: Image problems with C6500

            Daisy I posted asking if anyone has tried to improve the gradation by not fading to zero but rather to a low
            number such as 3 or 4 % ? We found that this helped with many digital imaging devices over the years.
            Let us all know if this helps.


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