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Color issues with a Creo IC-304 on a C6500

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  • Color issues with a Creo IC-304 on a C6500

    Hello, KM tech support has not been helpful with this issue. I'll try my luck here.

    We are working with a brand new C6500 with Creo IC-304 controller. When RIP'ing, the colors change and become very dull. Viewing the file on the controller's screen prior to RIP'ping looks fine. Once I "process" it, it becomes dulled. The C6500 then, of course, prints the modified image and it looks terrible. I am using all the default settings. Choosing different color profiles shows slight changes but nothing close to what its supposed to be.

    Any type of file, whether its RGB or CMYK, PDF or native files, is affected by this problem.

    Here are the following steps we have taken to trouble shoot. Its not much but I thought I would get it out of the way.
    Restored the original IC-304 software
    Reset the C6500 to factory settings
    Calibrated using the X-Rite densitometer

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    Re: Color issues with a Creo IC-304 on a C6500

    Have you installed service pack 2? There are about 6 additional patches on top of service pack two. They can all be downloaded from the Konica Minolta service website. I'll also assume the the C6500 has the latest firmware. If not start there first.

    You can try installing the Unique Virtual Printer. It is found on the D:\ drive on the Creo in the Utilities folder. Shut down the IC-304 Interface and run the executable, then reboot the machine. Use this new printer to print your file. Without getting too technical this will print the file "As Is". If the color is still dull, and since you've already reinstalled the IC-304 software, you might have a problem with your Fusion board and that could be pricey. Make your vendor bring in another Creo for testing or take yours to their demo floor for testing on another C6500. At that point you can narrow it down to the C6500 or the Creo.

    Your color should be bright and vibrant. The C6500 had a rough start but has come a long way, I've found the teamed with the Creo RIP and proper maintenance/calibration you should get consistent quality images.


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      Re: Color issues with a Creo IC-304 on a C6500

      hey pchaddy, can you post the link to those updates? Ive got SP2, but havent seen these other small updates.

      cheers mate.


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        Re: Color issues with a Creo IC-304 on a C6500

        Hey Sauce,

        If needed in the future give Dana at KM Equipment service a call at 800-282-5752 ext:2965. Depending on where your located she will get the tech person in your district on the ball to help.

        I would also get with your rep and ask him for 2 or 3 direct #'s to the tech people in your district. I always give my clients cell #'s of our tech service so they can go down the line and get the info needed in as little time possible. If you run into any problems please feel free to shoot me an email and I'll certainly help.



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          Re: Color issues with a Creo IC-304 on a C6500

          Thanks for the replies, I will keep this info handy. The KM service guys spent weeks working on it, ended up doing something that fixed it... I don't even know what. I hope I never see those guys again. KM needs better training or something.

          Sorry it took months to post. Forgot I made this thread.

          Edited by: sauce on Apr 24, 2008 12:53 PM


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