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Looking for feedback on Xerox Docucolor 242 & 252?

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  • Looking for feedback on Xerox Docucolor 242 & 252?

    Good afternoon everyone, I just met with some guys from Xerox about the DC 242 and DC 252. Does anyone own either model? I am looking to lease for my In-house design department. I had great experiences with the Docucolor 12 at my last job and don't know much about these new models. I am going to get the oversized high capacity feeder with it as well since I need to print the 13" x 19" most of the time for proofs.

    Also they are suggesting the EFI Fiery for my external RIP. Any feedback on it? I've used the ColorSplash in the past with decent results. Is the Fiery similar? Also our department runs only on Macs. The Fiery would run on a PC Server that Xerox will provide. Is there any problems I should be aware of?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    Michael in Las Vegas

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    Re: Looking for feedback on Xerox Docucolor 242 & 252?

    We got the 260 with external Fiery and very happy about it. Best print quality you can get on the market for this kind of machine! External Fiery is fast, of course you don't want to use it as a color corrected proof. We can get it to match SWOP at around 5 delta E on regular xerox paper. Not bad for our mockup purpose! Just let you know that Xerox don't carry 13"x19" paper although the machine can add oversized high speed feeder. But you can find it online from other paper vendor.


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      Re: Looking for feedback on Xerox Docucolor 242 & 252?

      Thanks for the help. It looks like I can only find 13" x 19" paper online in small quantities? Do you use it on the 260?


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        Re: Looking for feedback on Xerox Docucolor 242 & 252?

        We have a 242 and it has worked out pretty well. We have the oversize high capacity tray and the built in Fiery. We have had an array of technical/mechanical problems but service has been pretty efficient. We havent had any down time longer than a day, but some people may not be as lucky. Another issue is since the latest Java update from Apple the Fiery remote access doesnt work properly from a Mac. The on-board access to the Fiery does not have the same capabilities as the remote also, so if you have a PC handy (at least until the Java issue is fixed, or run it on a mac WITHOUT the java update) you will be frustrated trying to manage any jobs with it. The color is also very saturated, and although it does support ICC, the canned profiles arent even close to our presses, at least for imagery–Pantones are not bad though.
        The feeder system for the high capacity tray is a little funky IMO also, but it only really comes into play when you are trying to accurately back up 13x19. It can do it, but it has about a 1/16"+ variance which could lead to a lot of wasted material if your job is position critical.


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          Re: Looking for feedback on Xerox Docucolor 242 & 252?

          Yes, I'm using 13" x 19" for our high speed feeder. Since we don't use this size so often, we usually buy it in 2000 sheets at a time. I believe you can find some local paper vendor to cut the sheet for you if you order more!

          For the Java update for mac osx, please go to Xerox support website and download the latest version of Command Workstation, It fixed the incompatibility for the Java update! It works for us after we install it!


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