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    Well I must say that I have called 2 different times and left a message for service and one thing is for sure, it isn't on the priority list to call back. First time I never got a call back and I called yesterday about 2:00 and haven't heard from them yet. I waited a couple hours then I went ahead and looked it over and after a few minutes of checking it out I took out 2 bolts and fixed the problem, the delivery table was jammed down in the lower position and it was the bolts that hold the chain in place and keep it from going all the way around that were jammed on the end of the chain. We'll see how long it takes for them to call.


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    Re: Presstek Service


    Sounds typical for the razor and blade boys. Their tech staff has been shrinking for a while now. I have several DI34 users that use the services of Xpedx; they are a Ryobi dealer so maybe you can look to them also?

    Take care


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      Re: Presstek Service

      Are you certain you have the right contact information? I was under the impression that all Presstek service was being handled through AB Dick now. They have a considerable technical infrastructure... In our area, I've never had a wait of more than 8 hours for service on our Dimension 400. Perhaps your area is lighter on coverage than ours.

      In any case, if you're receiving substandard service, ask to be put in touch with the service manager next time you call. The service personnell in your area are obviously not communicating properly and it's likely their manager knows nothing of your frustration.



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        Re: Presstek Service


        FYI, Ptek has managed to pretty much wipe ABDick off the map. They keep some ABDick techs around for grunt work and service revenue, but the ABDick we all knew and loved is gone. The head count is being reduced more and more each quarter depending on the stock price etc.

        Q3 2006 Q4 2006 Q1 2007 Q2 2007 Q3 2007
        Employees 852 813 813 792 770

        Before people purchase a DI I suggest you ask how close the nearest tech is to my business and what type of response time will I receive. Get it in writing not verbal from the sales weasel.

        Also get the Regional Service manager's name and number and the team leaders also. If no response call JJ the prez. of Ptek.

        Xpedx also sells the 34DI so I suggest you guys look at them also. The 52 is still a PTek special deal with Riceobi. We will see what the future holds.

        Happy True Litho



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          Re: Presstek Service

          I did get a call, and I had the wrong info. The regional manager called and set me up with all the right contact info, all is good.



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            How do you like your Presstek 400?
            I'm looking at the 450 and am unsure about the plate situation.
            i'm told that the only plate you can use is theirs and that the are having trouble delivering.
            Are you having any trouble?
            in the research i've done it looks like i can use other thermal plates but have to work at it.
            Have you tried any others?
            I just don't want to get caught with my pants down if you know what i mean



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              Re: Presstek

              Getting plate material is no problem for us, but we use PearlDry materal, not the thermals.

              Service is not really a problem... same day isn't unusual but it's usually next day. The only bad problem we've had is that he'll show up to do his preventative maintenance unannounced. He shows up at the door and says "I need to service your machine" and we almost always have to send him away because there's no hole in production. (We plan for downtime in the schedule)

              The machine itself is very robust. Jams are nonexistent, registration is solid and the GUI interface is sufficiently speedy.

              My only real gripe with the operation of the machine is the service tool is almost impossible to use. Luckily we hardly ever have to use it.



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                Re: Presstek Service

                That's a shame... I never had any experience with ABDick until Presstek took over. (always had ryobi's)

                I hope they don't sink ABD... I would venture to say that Presstek's customer satisfaction is not the greatest, given what I have seen on the message boards and whatnot.



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                  Re: Presstek Service

                  Quality Guy,
                  Ptek sunk ABD the day they bought them. ABD was that LAST American made press built in the USA and one of the biggest competitors of Riceobi. Need I say more? Sounds like a team effort to get rid of the last USA made press manufacturing company.



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