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  • tiny spots come and go

    I printed 52,000 sheets 4/4 with no problems, now I have printed 52,000 sheets and started backing that up and I'm getting tiny spots in the black that are random throughout the sheet. I washed up the press last night and when I came in this morning I cleaned out the black ink and fountain and started with a new can and re imaged all the plates. I'm still getting the specs and I started doubting myself so I went through some of the first sig that I have on a skid and I don't see the specs on that sig. Same exact paper, same spray powder and it has been set the same throughout. Anyone have this with a 34DI? I also checked the paper to make sure it wasn't offset or the specs weren't already on the sheet and they are not. I talked with a service guy and he suggested powder may have contaminated the black ink since it is the first unit and picks up all the powder and trash from the sheet. I'm going to check my stripes on the black unit.


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    Re: tiny spots come and go

    Well I adjusted rollers on the black unit, I had 1 that wasn't even touching the main oscillator and I deglazed and it is better. I just adjusted all these rollers 2 weeks ago but I guess after 250,000 inpressions it needed it again, I lost track of how much I had done and the press is new so I'll chalk this one up as lesson learned.


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