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Fuzy Text with Creo IC-304 and C6500

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  • Fuzy Text with Creo IC-304 and C6500

    We are getting fuzy text or text that has extra image noise around it. We only get this when we print non vector artwork. I know that it is best to use vector text but a 600dpi photoshop file should print clean without making it look like it is glowing.

    This is something that the RIP is adding to the file before it gets printed.

    Non Ripped file looks great.
    Ripped file looks bad.
    Print looks bad.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    I spoke with a Creo specialist and he had no answers.

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    Re: Fuzy Text with Creo IC-304 and C6500

    I am not familiar with that particular model but I do support Creo RIPs. IF, the fuzzy text is happening because you are outputting from Adobe CS3 apps, then that is the issue. If you are using CS2 or below, then double click your job in the Spire app and check under the Image Quality TAB of the Job Parameters - IF you have a check box for overlapping elements, and it is not checked - then check it, re-process the job and submit. If that does not solve, then the fuzzy text could be due to the colour black being made up of CMY and K values, then you need to apply an approriate GCR rule - also found in Job Parameters, but under the Colour tab - look for Ink Saving (GCR) anbd put it on high.

    Good luck.


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      Re: Fuzy Text with Creo IC-304 and C6500

      It is not only the text but any Non-vector file. If I take a photoshop pdf of a black and white logo and drop it into a virtual printer on the creo, the output is not sharp, even when the file is clean and over 300 dpi.


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        Re: Fuzy Text with Creo IC-304 and C6500


        Try these things:

        #1. Use the Improve Text features.

        #2. Change screen from Dot 1 or 2 to Line 1 or 2

        #3. Configure your Color settings, RGB to AdobeRGB, CMYK to ..._Dot1...".

        #4. Refrain from using PhotoShop "Anti-Alais"

        #5. Have service install the "RIP patch".

        Well I tried to post an attachement, but it was not allowed. The proper ICC profile can be found on the IC304 server.

        Also, PhotoShop does NOT send text to the RIP, only a bitmap of the text. As such, the engine can not activate the 1800 dpi interpolation. Try using a true layout program like InDesign, Quark, etc. for you text data.


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          Re: Fuzy Text with Creo IC-304 and C6500

          You have 2 options on the Creo/C6500.

          First try setting the "improve quality of lines/text in images". This will use all 4 toners to give you beter quality, so be careful as it will turn a BW image into colour.

          These is a file that comes with the Creo called "Unique virtual printer" this can be installed and used, it applies very little compression when ripping.

          Using the other dot features will only alter colour and the shape of the toner when laid down, this can improve the look of text but generally not. Also using these will not give you accurate ciolour unless you calibrate on the different dots structures first.

          By using a combination of settings you should be able to get better results, if not use the unique printer, though slow it will resoolve your issue.


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            Re: Fuzy Text with Creo IC-304 and C6500

            The "Unique Printer" helped make the image look better but still not good enough.

            I just installed the newest version of the creo rip (v2) and that was the magic bullet. All of my issues have gone away. The images look better, the type looks better and the gradations look better.


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