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Cockling on Greeting Cards Inserts

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  • Cockling on Greeting Cards Inserts

    Hi All

    We currently print Wedding invitation and greeting card inserts in black on a digimaster (Toner based single colour printing device). The problem we have is when we come to glue the insert into the relevant product we experience a cockling effect, which looks very unattractive on the final product and can sometimes result in the customer returning the finished product.

    The explananation we are getting, is that the digimaster is printing at a high temp which dries out the paper, then in turn we are putting moisture back via the Water based glue, thus then causing a cockiling effect.

    Any ideas on how to cure this or is there a different option.

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    Re: Cockling on Greeting Cards Inserts

    What is the weight of the material you use for the inserts?
    If you don't water based glue it in, does it cockle anyway from moisture in the air?
    If you image this paper with an ink jet printer, just a test, does it also cockle?
    What if you tried a glue dot or glue string, no water...

    Lot of questions, I know, but it's like describing color over the telephone....

    John Lind
    Cranberry Township, PA


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