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Konica 6500 – Replacing Processed Pages

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  • Konica 6500 – Replacing Processed Pages

    We are currently using the Konica 6500 with CommandWorkstation. I have a document that was originally 100 different PDFs and merged together to make one 500 page document, then processed the file and sent it to the customer for review. I have 2 pages that need to be replaced within the processed file. This I know how to do.

    However, I cannot get my Rep to confirm or deny that changing out these 2 pages will or will not cause any issues with the other 498 pages. My first reaction is that since it is a processed file, all pages are now an image and would not be altered, but I am no expert and would like some input. I have not yet had to replace any pages and re-ripping the file is not an option as the customer would need to re-proof the entire book.

    Any assistance with this question would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Re: Konica 6500 – Replacing Processed Pages

    You MUST add the pages with PRO Acrobat and preflight in Acrobat to re-flatten the whole document. I use Acrobat 5 standards, seems to work okay. Also with EVERY FILE, Process and Hold, take the time to look through every page of the preview if ANYTHING looks askew, reprint from acrobat or whatever layout program you are using. Also is doesn't hurt to sroll through the file after PreFlight and then before printing in print preview in whatever program you are running.

    I am curious how long it is taking you to process. Do you get any OFFENSIVE COMMAND errors after 100 pages or so? How much Memory does Command Workstation say is TOTAL and AVAILABLE?


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      Re: Konica 6500 – Replacing Processed Pages

      You are performing a "job merge" on the Fiery and you will need to not only re-rip the altered pages but also have to remerge the file. Altering a merged file after the fact will give you errors. It is looking for the original ripped information and is not able to update it if the file has been re-ripped.
      I would agree with the previous post, avoid the headaches and cumbersome process of working with the Fiery and just creare PDFs and combine them there. Acrobat makes this process quite easy and quick.

      You can even pull the PDFs from the riped file by archiving the ripped file if that is required.


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