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High Speed Impact Printing vs. Toner

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  • High Speed Impact Printing vs. Toner

    Does anyone have experience with high speed impact printing? I'm in the dark on this subject. If anyone is still using it, what are the benefits over toner based imaging?

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    Re: High Speed Impact Printing vs. Toner

    I think high speed impact printing is good old offset printing, or flexo, or gravure, where the paper comes in firm contact with the blanket or image carrier. This is contrary to ink jet, which is most "non-impact" . Seems like the newer Xerox and Nexpress technology of "blanket like transfer" makes tonography an "impact printing process" too.
    John Lind
    Cranberry Township, PA


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      Re: High Speed Impact Printing vs. Toner

      I appreciate the attempt. I should have specified variable impact printing. I'm positive this is not a traditional printing process. I think that variable impact is a pre toner based system. Not sure how it works or what would be the benefit of this process over a toner based process. Thank you for you input.


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        Re: High Speed Impact Printing vs. Toner

        Hi Josh, i think you are talking about something that equates to an olde IBM 3211/1403 type printer. these operated with a 'print train' with slugs containing the characters mounted inside a casing. these spun at high speed and as the paper passed, hammers that were located behind the paper would fire at the approriate time to create the characters on the paper, using a ribbon. The advantages were that multi part paper could be used, print costs were relatively low. It tended howeve to have the potential to be messy, subject to jams and not reaaly very quick, especially when compared to todays toner based printers. Various models of impact printers are still available.
        Hope this helps


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