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    Re: Canon 7000

    Thanks so much for the info. I will get some samples and give it a try


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      Re: Canon 7000

      I am a New entry and I live in Italy, sorry for my bad English

      Canon Italy, troughs is resellers, give me a demo ImagePress C6000 for free for 3 month, the only cost are the click (impressions)
      I am a Xerox customers, with 2 DC250
      I was impress in the beginning for quality and the stability, we print in 2 month 200.000 image (large size)
      This printer when goes is perfect, the problem is that every 2/3 days I have to call the assistance, I had so many problem, not with the quality, but with the error code
      I use the printer always with full and deep color, I work for the automotive market, and I need stability and quality
      When I go to my office in the morning I am afraid that the printer does not start
      Every time the canon technician come (I think I have to get a bed in my office for them) the printer start again, and I think positive hoping that for one week I do not see them again
      But this is an illusion, after 2/3 days I have to call the assistance again
      I discover another big problem with this printer, canon told me that is not possible to fix, I do not know if you have the some
      The problem is when I print a booklet with the cover with heavy paper and inside pages light paper
      Every time the printer switch between the two different paper stop for 3/4 minutes adjusting the fuser temperature
      This means that if I have to print 20 booklet will take almost one hour
      This is for me a big big problem, the escamotage is to cheat the printer telling that the paper is the some weigh
      Now the 3 month demo are expired and I told canon that I need 2 month more to decide, but if something does not change I thing I will give back the printer

      The problem, is what kind of printer to purchase ?

      Actually I am attach to the quality of this printer, because I save almost 40,000 dollar of external printing (typography)
      For 3 month (when the printer goes) I print the most part of my work inside the company,

      What about the OCE CS650 Pro, someone of you can tell me experience about this printer


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        Re: Canon 7000

        Hi Mario,
        Since you are happy with the quality of the print why not look at the Kodak M700 it's the re-skinned Canon ImagePress 7000. I would be more confident in their service and support over Canon.

        Also since you are a Xerox customer take a look at the DC5000AP, 7000AP and 8000AP. As you may have read I own the 8000AP and am Very pleased with the LACK of service needed to keep it running. I have gone from Canon service of several times a week to once a month.

        Good Luck!


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          Re: Canon 7000

          Actually the service of canon People in Italy is perfect, they come as soon I call them
          I do not complain for canon service, but for printer it self

          I call them this morning and they come after 2 hour and fixed the small problem, with the finisher

          Now I will wait until September, I ask to have 45 days more to try the printer, and they agree

          So, in September I will decide what to do

          You have also a Canon C7000 printer '

          Are you satisfied



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            Re: Canon 7000

            You are correct on the service technicians, whenever I called they were here within a few hours, but what I am referring to is the support from Canon, they send their machines out saying they can do this and that, and force the service technicians to do the field repairs to make it work. Then when you find your equipment down for several days, their response is oh well?? There is no reason why you should have a tech. at your shop so often that they need a time card. You should expect nothing less total satisfaction from Canon or any other company, after all you are paying a lot of money for these machines.

            As for your question on the machine I own, it is a Xerox DocuColor 8000AP. This is after owning 7 Canon boxes and being a customer for 14 years. I will never look back and am very happy with Xerox.

            Another machine that was introduced is Ricoh C900 (I think that's the model) it is 90 ppm. OCE has some nice equipment too.


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              Re: Canon 7000

              When posting concerns and issues regarding the Canon imagePRESS 7000, it would be helpful to mention who you are actually receiving service from. I know for a fact that there have been many clients that have the 7000 through CBS that are having major service issues. Perhaps you should look at IKON.

              IKON has multiple successful placements of the 7000 series and 80% of the placements are new accounts meaning they had previously been with CBS, Xerox or Gordon Flesch. I recommend contacting IKON, they can take over the service and trust me this would not be the first time.


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                Re: Canon 7000

                At least your not biased Jeannie

                I did just have a conversation from our old Tech from one of the named companies in Jeannie's post who said that they had a meeting with Canon who said that most of the issues with the 7000 is due to bad service in the field.


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                  Re: Canon 7000

                  In their brochures, all the machines say they can perform at high volumes. Reality is different.

                  Remember that the Canon 7000 is Canon's first attemp to get in the Digital Production Color market. It's release to the market was delayed more than a year.


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                    In regards to your speed issue on pulling different weight stocks for a booklet, there is another fix, or work-around. Print all your covers first. Next print your interior pages, as a booklet and pull your covers from the inserter trays that are on the finisher. This allows the heavier stock to bypass the fixers. The slow down you're experiencing is due to the fixers having to heat up and cool down for the different weight stocks. I've successfully done this multiple times for a customer we have. It increased our speed by almost 9 times! You may have to use the mailbox feature to print the inside pages and pull the covers from the inserter trays.

                    We've had our ImagePress since June 16, and now have approx. 670,000 clicks on it. We've had our problems (Known Yellow developer issue, as well as ITB belt needing to be replaced more frequently than service spec.). We've had good color consistency. We calibrate at least twice a day and take delta readings after every cal. So far, we have maintained a maximum of 1.5 - 1.75 dE variance. Our only color complaint would be that the ImagePress tends to fill-in, in the three quarter tones.

                    We've been a little frustrated by the amount of down time that is required for preventative maintenance visits, by our local Canon service. However, since Canon has not yet rolled out their Key-Op. Service program yet, we have begun training through our local Canon Service Technician to train me on some of the Preventative Maintenance items. We were told that all the Yellow screws, indicated Key-Operator Serviceable items. So far, this has gone very well.


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                      I for the life of me can't understand why it takes these companies to get their ORC or Key-op programs up and running. They (not just Canon, but others too) build and market these boxes with ORC components yet take a year to get the program figured out! How hard can it be since the machines were engineered with them from the beginning.

                      If it needs a web, you have one on the shelf and put it in, call for a new one to replace the one you just put in. WOW I just figured it out for them!!!

                      I have the same issue with a Ricoh MP9000, almost 3 years and nothing official on ORC's but the field supervisor has me trained (took 20 minutes after cutting through all the BS). I finally got Pi$$ed when a cleaning web needed changed and had to wait 2 hours for service and the tech shows up and said "Oh, this is suppose to be replaced by you anyway" and it took him 5 minutes, and he left.

                      If you complain and tell your salesperson that one of the main reasons you bought this piece of crap was for ORC's and you are tired of waiting for service for something that is field replaceable, and you will start short paying your click charges based on the down time it takes for service to fix something when it's an ORC. They will usually show you what to do.

                      I can't stand unnecessary down time.


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                        C7000 v Xerox 8000

                        The Canon's registration is the same as the Xerox 8000AP, .5mm. The c7000 will run some 14pt stocks, and will run heavier stocks, but anything over 300gsm, and there's no guarantee. Color drift is probably the lowest in the industry, according to BERTL. The Xerox 8000 AP, has caveats about running heavy stock at full speed, that is, some loss of quality. The Canon has none, same quality, full 70ppm speed, up to 300gsm.


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                          Originally posted by Damianc View Post
                          The Canon's registration is the same as the Xerox 8000AP, .5mm. The c7000 will run some 14pt stocks, and will run heavier stocks, but anything over 300gsm, and there's no guarantee. Color drift is probably the lowest in the industry, according to BERTL. The Xerox 8000 AP, has caveats about running heavy stock at full speed, that is, some loss of quality. The Canon has none, same quality, full 70ppm speed, up to 300gsm.
                          Really, the 8000AP has caveats about running heavy stock. I'm glad I just got that message after 600,000 impressions with 65% of them 216 to 300 gsm at 2,400, 12x18 IPH. I guess the only caveat would be that you may run out of paper if you don't watch your stock . There is absolutely no loss in quality between the 2 print modes, that is a complete ignorant statement. Oh, and this is while maintaining a 15% increase in productivity over the c7000.

                          Color drift is yet another useless argument, my machine is less that 2dE (hardly noticeable to the trained human eye) from first sheet to last, my old CLC4000 couldn't keep that from the left side to the right side of the same sheet!

                          Canon has a tough row to hoe in the production world, especially since most of the post install issues are due to poor service training (this coming from a trained ImagePress c7000 tech. who received the info during a meeting with Canon USA) you promised the world with the "Largest R&D investment in history". Than God for Kodak, at least they can pick up your slack.

                          This coming from a Canon dealer... at least your not biased.


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                            There is no comparison between the CLC 4000 and the iP C7000VP. The information about quality on the 8000 was taken from Xerox blurbs; the caveat is not whether it will run the stock at 80ipm, but that you lose some quality, which again, is from Xerox's statements. 2de is very impressive, and it is matched by the Canon. There may be training issues from dealer to dealer, but we haven't experienced any. I wasn't trying to tout the product as a dealer, merely to contribute to the discussion. I realize that this is a printer forum, and I left my sales hat at home. The Kodak team has yet to prove that they have superior service. The ORC model is also offered by Canon, depending on the dealer. The Kodak M700 lacks some features of the Canon product,i.e. paper library, finishing, etc., but they do have their own RIP, which some may prefer. Xerox makes a great product, no denying it. But so does Canon. Canon's toner laydown is certainly better, accounting for its claim, "the look and feel of offset." So, peace brother, enjoy your Xerox.


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                              Originally posted by yogesh View Post
                              we have installed last year machine is already done more than 300000 copies and its doing extremly well,we are very happy with the performance of the machine
                              We are a wholesaler & now have 5) 7000's in stock. If anyone is happy w/ their Canon eq, we have some to choose from at wholesale pricing. The Copier Network sells end-of-lease and repossessed copiers at wholesale prices. We specialize in color copiers and RIP interfaces (copier sales, color copier sales, color copiers).


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                                I keep a log in Excel of every issue that our C7000 has and at what number of clicks. We have 110,000 clicks so far (new machine) and we have, on average, an issue* every 20,000 clicks.
                                * issue means anything that requires a technician to come out e.g. banding, communication errors, etc.

                                I really like the machine and what it's capable of, but it's like having a whiny baby. We don't put that many clicks through it, but it continues to have minor problems here and there even though we do the regular PM (sometimes slightly ahead of schedule).
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