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Canon ImagePRESS C1 - technical issues

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  • Canon ImagePRESS C1 - technical issues

    I'm afraid I don't really know what I'm doing. Our in-house marketing department recently became the owner of a Canon imagePRESS C1 - which in my opinion far exceeds anything quality-wise that I've seen in years - but since I am the only employee who has any meager background in press/bindery (which is saying nothing really) I get to be the one who operates it.

    My question is this: the Fiery Server is controlled by EFI Command Workstation So we're attempting to use this device to impose and print our own business cards (right out of ADOBE PDF - pretty slick I'd say....again, they look great) - however, they're supposed to be duplexed (two-sided) and I can't for the life of me understand how to manually adjust for image shift. There's no documentation in any of the manuals we received, and the techs who installed this device know how to fix and maintain the machine, but they don't know how to operate it.

    Any help out there? Can someone point me to some kind of documentation for this feature?

    thanks in advance.


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    Re: Canon ImagePRESS C1 - technical issues

    How far off in mm is the back image? It looks like by your screen shot that you just need to choose
    which side you'll be shifting, then tell the interface how much you want it shifted and in which direction.
    You should make sure your first shift is far enough that you'll notice the difference, then correct as needed.
    Note, I've never ran that machine or the exact version of your rip, but it looks pretty standard.


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      Re: Canon ImagePRESS C1 - technical issues

      Thanks DT:

      However, I don't know if my question has been answered yet - I mean, based on your comment, it all seems rather logical to do what you're suggesting, believe me I've tried it, but its not doing what I expect it do: I continually get unexpected results. So it must be related to something else.

      But I did come across this (see additional screen capture).... its a dialog box for Tray Alignment. And I tried it and it seems to work. The initial test output was out by roughly three or so millimeters front to back, but after performing the adjustment, the result was virtually bang on. It even corrects for rotational error (or is that called skew?). This feature is specific to a certain sheet size AND source tray. I would also assume its recommended to perform this each time an important duplex job is needed.


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        Re: Canon ImagePRESS C1 - technical issues

        BEWARE of the Canon ImagePRESS C1. We have the misfortune to have one and I would some it up as junk, although we only have the Canon toy RIP, which frequently misinterprets the PDF sent to it, giving an endless stream of unexpected problems. It is also unbelieveably slow. When duplexing in colour SRA3 sheets of heavy stock it slows down to only 1 copy per 50 seconds.
        Regarding 'image shift' it is impossible when printing from a mailbox. You can only image shift when printing direct. The adjustment is made in the finishing> advanced, if I remember rightly.
        We would never have bought ours if we could have forseen the problems we would get.
        Try running black & white jobs on an SRA3 sheet for 500 copies or thereabout. We always getting black toner spraying along the long edge of the sheet on the operator side.


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          Re: Canon ImagePRESS C1 - technical issues

          Finishing>Finishing Details>Advanced in your print dialogue box gives access to image Shift.


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            Re: Canon ImagePRESS C1 - technical issues

            Hey, John
            Thanks for the comment... I have already found the part of Command Workstation that allows for image shift (see image attached to this thread) - however, I don't understand the controls. Sure X is horizontal, Y is vertical , positive and negative values and all that. It's just that shifting an image in this control panel 7.5 mm to the left does not result in the actual printed image moving 7.5 mm. You would think it would result in such (unless I totally don't understand the need for this control) but either I'm using it for the wrong thing, or else there is outside interference or otherwise another influence occuring that I'm not taking into consideration.

            Don't get me wrong - I haven't exhaustively tested the use of this image shift tool, but in the short 10 or 20 sheets I've tried, it just gets me more confused. "did I not adjust the amount enough (I thought I did)?, did I not need to enable the "Align front and back images" button? Can I not use adjustments to the front and back simultaneously?" There simply is no documentation that I can find to support this concern.


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              Re: Canon ImagePRESS C1 - technical issues

              Funny thing about the Fiery and the Canon imagePRESS C1. EFI (Fiery) seems on the surface to have mixed up the X & Y coordinates on the Image Shift. On ours, it actually works different depending on whether it's letter or tabloid or up. You have to do the tray alignment first, which you also seemed to have found. My technicians also had to do something first--I believe it's called "Tray Centering". Anyway, it's something only your tech can do. If that isn't done first, much of your above work would be akin to jousting at wind mills. If he doesn't know what it is or how to do it, have him call Canon USA.

              I feel sorry for whoever made the decision to buy the Canon "toy" RIP for Risca above. The Canon "toy" RIP is strictly for Corporate America users (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)--not PostScript, power graphics or Mac users. For guys like us, the Fiery (Server Q1) is a must. Too bad...the C1 is a great engine. Quality is just nails.


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                Re: Canon ImagePRESS C1 - technical issues

                We don't have the C1 but the new version of command workstation seems to have that backwards X, Y (Same on our Bizhub 6500). Also I have found over the years that some files just WON'T Change.

                For instance we can not change some programming on our Indesign files when using our Imagerunners. Some files just won't image shift also. I asked the technicians from Konica and canon about this and they just shrugged.


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                  C1 E007-0001 & sandy image - technical issues

                  Hi all,
                  I faced this 2 unsolve problem, We spent hours & days, tried many things but still not able to solve this problem, anyone have come across this problems please help me out. I M willing to try out any new ideas.
                  1st problem,
                  Error msg is E007-0001 (front) instead of E007-0002 (rear) previously
                  Have even replace new Fixing Belt,
                  Have checked that the springs of swing arm intact & sensors PS59 and
                  PS62 are all working smoothly
                  If error appears, I hv to turn the fixing drive gear to move the fixing belt to the rear side of the fixing belt steering roller, switch machine off an on, and it can be use for 2 to 3 copies b4 eror appears again.
                  2nd problem
                  When do printing or do auto gradation
                  got SANDY VERTICAL STRIP LINE ANY COLOR Y,M,C K, in cross
                  feed paper direction.

                  image below,
                  Sample image #1

                  Sample image #2

                  Please Help me out. U guy can reply this post or PM me, will be
                  happy to give u my email.
                  Thanks guys..
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                    Well bead carry over (the sandy effect) is usually due to a lack of charge in the area that displays it. In this case I would say it is magenta. Can you access the charge units? I would be inspecting these first.
                    Konica Minolta tech -


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                      c1 imagepress

                      hello , did you ever get the c1 fix i have one that is doing the bleed line like the pic you showed , if so can you help please or anyone that might give some ideais thanks


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                        @Goprints.... we had the same issue here last week... our device (C1 ImagePRESS) is on a maintenance contract, so the repair was completed by their technicians. If you're still wondering how to deal with your issue, I can ask them what the problem/solution is. Just mail me at qkarmark (AT) point2 (DOT) com


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                          c1 problem

                          yes please please help we have had two people look at this and not solve the problem we are disperate if youcan give them a call asap it would be great thanks for the help


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                            does anybody know an Independent repair guy in Vegas for the Canon C1?


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