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Hp indigo bid washer station

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  • Hp indigo bid washer station

    Looking for advice - I have an approximately eight year old HP BID washer/Parts washer that is in Very good/Clean, gently used condition, we no longer have need for it as we have moved to a different platform.

    Question is - does this thing have re-sale value?
    If so, what is the range I should be looking for?
    I have "heard" that they are fairly valuable because HP is no longer supplying them.

    Any advice greatly appreciated,

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    Yes there is a value for BID washers - We have just upgraded our Indigo 3050 to an Indigo 5600 and everyone told us not to get rid of the bid washer so we didnt.

    You can get parts washers but these wont hold the BIDs and run them on a cleaning cycle - stick it on ebay is my bet or contact a HP Indigo Engineer and ask him if he knows anyone who needs one!


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      The only people that would be interested is people that dont have contracts with HP. When a bid goes down we just swap it out. The newer machines are just plug and play. No mess, just box it up and ship it back.


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