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    I was wondering if anyone could leave some information about the *Intec cp 2000 pro?* I would like some reviews of it from people who have actually used it on a daily basis with in their printing house, rather than the review off the sight that’s trying to sell you it, because you never read any bad points or problems about it. Also can any paper stock go through the Intec or is there a specific type?


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    Any paper?

    Hi Jemmy, sorry for the delayed reply, I have only just been made aware of your enquiry. I fall into the category of those "trying to sell it to you" as Technical Manager of the manufacturer, so I won't offer any reviews. However I'm sure we could put you in touch with a suitable user.

    I can attempt to answer the paper question, though. And the answer is "yes". And "no". Any paper stock can be transported through the device, but the image quality will not always be equal, nor will the longer term effect that stock might have on the consumables and transport system. There are stocks that will not give a clean result due to their electrostatic properties and media that will wear the organic surfaces of the drums and shorten their life-span. Thicker stock will also do this more than thinner.

    Theoretically only stock suitable for digital processes should be used but it's not even as simple as that as "approved" gloss and satin stocks are notorious for backgrounding. Environmental conditions will affect xerography, just as they do lithography.

    So you can see that it is a little more complex than just a yes or no, although we have stocks that we know work brilliantly. In saying that, with some paper mills changing formulations without mentioning these days, it's maybe dangerous to even say that!

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Andy Withall.


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