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Docucolor 252 printing 13 X 19

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  • Docucolor 252 printing 13 X 19


    We have a docucolor 242 machine. Printing 13 X 19 in the bypass tray is giving us problems, mostly paper jams.

    Do we need any extra attachments to be able to print this big size?

    Vamsi Mohan

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    Re: Docucolor 252 printing 13 X 19

    You do not need any additional attatchments. I discovered that if you have the paper settings wrong, paper jams can occur quite frequently. I normally just set the bypass try to "Heavy Stock #3" or something to that effect. Rep from Xerox explained to me that it has something to do w/the fuser speed.


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      Re: Docucolor 252 printing 13 X 19

      It could be a timing issue, or a sensor issue that's telling
      the machine that there's a timing issue. I'd make sure to
      clean all the sensors in the paper path. The other thing
      I'd look at are your wheels anywhere that the stock is
      transported. A large sheet can introduce drag that wouldn't
      be an issue with a smaller sheet. This can skew the stock,
      or make the stock slip. Either one of these would cause the
      machine to think that the sheet size is different than what's
      programmed and cause a jam.

      There's a number of other things it could be, too...


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        Re: Docucolor 252 printing 13 X 19

        Xerox used to offer a ramp that put the paper on an angle taking the weight of the tail. Our tech told us it was for the 2XX series but it helped sometimes on the Doc 12


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          Re: Docucolor 252 printing 13 X 19

          make absolutely sure u r selecting the exact paper size - u can clean the feed rollers (amazingly WD-40 works best) other than that ask for a new fuser

          hope that helps


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            Re: Docucolor 252 printing 13 X 19

            We use a 242... have found out that tray 5 is pretty bad with jams...
            We use it only on short runs, i.e 5 sheets.. to color calibrate.. it jams 10pt to 70# text stock... one thing that does help is not to slam the pile flush against the inside of the tray, but rather to pull it back slightly (about half an inch) it doesn't jam AS MUCH when you do that. Someone here suggested a ramp, we lift the sheets with our fingers, no jams. So a ramp would probably help. One design flaw is that Fuji didn't make the output trays or tray 5 long enough to hold the sheet. We use some particle board to extend the output trays on our light production finisher, works well to keep stock from bending.

            Do you have a high capacity tray? it works really well.

            Edited by: Will on Jul 11, 2008 9:14 PM


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