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  • Xerox vs Ricoh

    Hey guys,

    I know there are a few threads comparing Xerox __ vs Ricoh___, and I apologize in advance if this is redudant. We're about to make a decision and I wanted some fresh opinions.

    We currently have 2 Xerox 560's as part of our small digital production. It's time to upgrade, and I'm looking at either the Ricoh 7110sx or the Versant80 (Base Model).
    I've spent hours and hours reading about both online.

    - Versant80, I know quality is going to be great, and usually Xerox is pretty reliable. Cons: click cost, and not having the extra features the Ricoh has.
    - Ricoh 7110, I've read quality is great as well, but I've also read some horror stories about jams, white dots on uncoated media, overheating, etc. Pros: click cost (1/2 of Xerox) and the other features we all know about.

    What do you guys think? it's basically either the safe choice, or the machine we want to lease (Ricoh) but we don't feel as comfortable with.

    I appreciate your help.

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    It's no secret, (if you look at all my other posts), that, I am pro-Xerox. But, since you have determined that both machines are about equal, except that one is cheaper to run, have you thoroughly investigated the service aspect?

    ALL Digital presses will go down from time to time. You can count on it. It doesn't matter how cheap your click charges are, if your machine is not running.

    With most vendors, service runs hot and cold depending on your particular geographic location. From pretty much any vendor, you will get the standard sales spiel about "2-hour response time", etc. But, you need to dig deeper. How many service reps are in your area that support the 7110? How many installations are they responsible for? What geographic area are they responsible for (how far do they have to travel). Do they have the authority to store the most commonly used replacement parts at your location to get back up and running quickly? Do they carry parts in their vehicles? Do they have a local parts distribution hub to get parts quickly? If it's not a common part that needs to be replaced, and, they will need to overnight a part, will they order for first thing in the morning delivery, or, to save money, will they order for standard afternoon delivery?


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      It came down to Service for us when we switched from Xerox to Ricoh, we had good service with Xerox. I will say we have GREAT service with Ricoh, the tech is in here fixing stuff before it breaks (the machine alerts them to potential issues) and when we call in he is here next day. Replacement parts are kept onsite and inventoried so downtime has been minimal, you can also get trained to fix some of the issues yourself with Ricoh.

      We have had 2 7110sx's for a year now and have not regretted switching.

      We went back and forth with Ricoh for a while since we didn't trust a new kid on the block, but they have shown us they are hungry for the business and yes the cheaper clicks are a bonus to and the quality of print and registration have been spot on.

      Ask to meet the area Tech and Service Manager, they brought both by for us to meet before we even considered buying a Ricoh machine, we grilled them with questions and they passed with flying colors, then we moved on to what the machines could do for us over our existing Xerox 700's.

      Btw, jams have not been an issue for us, we have had a handfull in the past year that take more than 30 minutes to clear out and one jam that we had to call in for a tech to come in to clear, but that was because we were printing on really thin paper through the machine, not exactly the best thing to be running through it.
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        I totally agree with Shawnd...we have a Ricoh 7110 and and 8110 (BW)...and love them...color and up time is great and very versitile....


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          I hate our Xerox salesman but loved the tech and the support. Our Versant 80 gives good color and works well on textured material. I haven't looked at Ricoh lately, but in the past it couldn't come up to the critical color we needed. I hear they are greatly improved. If the quality and service support meets your needs, I would then go with price. If I bought from Xerox again I would go over the contract with a fine toothed comb.


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            What's the click rate comparison between the two. It can't be that dramatic.


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              Going to demo a 7110 now with VERY textured stock. I'll let you know how it goes.


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                Have you considered the KM 1060/70/80 series? We have a 1060 and it is beautiful. It's worth a demo.


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                  The 7110 was remarkable. 100# Sundance Felt with a full solid, no problem. Same image on Classic Columns, no problem. The V80 couldn't do either one. 10 ppm faster than the V80 plus the 5th station pure bonus.


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                    We're in the market for an Imagepress 10000, but honestly the Ricoh samples I saw were the best of almost every machine. The Konica samples looked awful on anything with even a slight texture though.


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                      Hey fellas, thanks for all the replies & advice.

                      MailGuru & Shawnd, I definitely agree service is critical. Those are all really good points and I'm going to get as much info from Ricoh as I can.

                      I also met with Xerox again and they gave us a new proposal. They matched the click rate on the Ricoh, and they beat the lease payment by about $300.

                      I'm actually in Orlando for Graph Expo, so I'm going to look at both machines & run the same test prints, to compare.

                      I'll report back tomorrow.



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                        Originally posted by CreativeCreative View Post
                        I also met with Xerox again and they gave us a new proposal. They matched the click rate on the Ricoh, and they beat the lease payment by about $300.
                        What is the click rate Xerox is matching?


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                          Good to hear Xerox is finally getting off their high horse. They thought they could just keep raising click costs with every swapped out machine and customers would take it. Goes to show how competition helps level out the playing field.
                          (2) Ricoh Pro 7110SX digital printers
                          OKI C931e with Straight Shooter Envelope feeder


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                            Xerox ran felt and Columns samples on the V2100 and it was far better than the V80, but it still wasn't right. Ricoh beat the pants of Xerox on both machine (7110 vs V80) and clicks. I must say it's difficult to let go of Xerox, but I see no choice. If we drop offset, we need the capability to run a wider range of stocks. I just don't see that happening with the Xerox.


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                              I too jumped ship from xerox and went with the 7110sx. I had been a xerox customer for over 10 years and overall were very happy with there service however when it came time to upgrade my 700's I felt that the versant compared withe the ricoh wasnt even in the same ballpark.We throw everything at the 7110 and it prints beautifully. We also have the added bonus of the white and clear. It handles textured stock far better than the versant.I also went with the plockmatic binding line and its fantastic. My advice is go with the Ricoh


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