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I Am Looking for A IC-309 Creo rip Versus the IC-308 Fiery

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  • I Am Looking for A IC-309 Creo rip Versus the IC-308 Fiery

    Hello to all, I'm new to Print Planet. I am looking for a Creo IC-309 rip to run my Konica Minolta C-1070. I hate the IC-308 Fiery that Konica shoved down my throat. I hope this is the correct place to post this. Any help in the right direction is much appreciated.

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    Hi, I just bought a C1070 with a Creo RIP, IC-309 and I would be interested in trading.


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      Hi Although I can't help with a trade etc I would be interested to understand why you don't like the Creo rip?


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        I agree, after having used both, Creo rips are much nicer than Fiery


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          Hello Print Planet people. I need some help quickly. I Have finally been made an offer on a KMBS IC-309 Creo Version 1.0. that's a good thing EXCEPT it does not come with the action or match paks Its a bone stock Creo. Do any of you have a legitimate source for buying soft ware. preferably the version 2.0 with both packs. I have to make this decision today Friday 03-31-17 end of day because its the end of this Kompbany's fiscal year. Many Thanks.


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            O.K. so here is my update on the Fiery versus Creo issue. It did take awhile for the guys at K.M.B.S. to find me a Creo IC-309. They came through with flying colors and saved the day by getting me what I wanted (). It does not have any of the packs that Creo/K.M.B.S. offers to make it fully loaded like my Fiery is, however with that said that is another task to investigate in it own right. So with that said there is just a couple minor things that need some fine tuning (). Special thanks goes out to Tom S, Matt L, Toby R & Barry N. for going the distance to show that your customers come 1st. Thank you gentlemen & To all that posted.


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