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Xerox Color 560 solid color problem

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  • Xerox Color 560 solid color problem

    Hello, i own a Xerox 560 got it new never used and now i noticed that kind of gradient like on solid colors especially on heavy paper (300gsm), i can't figure out where it comes from, i thought maybe the drums but they'r still a 65% so any help would be welcome.
    solid color  looking gradient like

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    Thanks for all th info, i tried "image transfer settings" which fixed a little the black color on a full A3 sheet. i also noticed some "bands" on the paper from feeding edge to the end, it's not toner its more like a pressure on the paper, i am still waiting for a tech to come by and do a check.


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      On the 550 you'll have a PC app you can install to use the Density Uniformity Adjustment tool. Its on a SIQA cd.
      Here's a link for you:

      Now know that you can run this tool over and over again. Only needed to do that once but in that specific case, I ran the tool five time on a terrible paper and it fixed it completely, getting better every time I ran the tool. Most of the time one pass works for that difficult stock.

      The Image Transfer Settings you refer to is for when, for example, your reflex blue becomes mottle on thicker stock: the machine needs to 'pull' harder via the electric field to gather enough toner on the sheet. On the 550/C60 platform this is done on a paper range basis (aka Coated 3B for example). On the Versant its on a per stock basis which is much nicer.

      Your Xerox support should be able to assist you with this.

      Cheers and good luck


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        Hi Shaare thanks very much for the answer, problem is i tried SIQA and it says that my machine is not supported i own a Colour 560 not a C60. Also thanks for clarifying the Image Transfer option, i don't know if those older models have some way of configuring the densitiy uniformity on the machine itself like the alignement and registration. Still waiting on that tech to spare some time for me.


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          Ok people i am back again with this issue now i have this on heavy stocks especially like 300gsm, what could cause that ???
          black problem.jpg
          Notice the totally horrible black density or i don't know what to call that plus bands or something i put a red around it.


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            Anyone ever faced that issue ? plus i gotta mention that image and stock registration is super poor on that machine, i think we cans safely say it is actually horrible :s


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              The drum percentage is not really a good way of measuring drum health, so I was told by our tech. Have had drums need replacing way they were at 50%, not that often of course, but I was told it is not very accurate and really you need to look at your prints.

              - I would first try swapping out the drums and see if there is any improvement, you can always put it back and wrap the other one up again for when you do need it.

              - Do you have another fuser? That would be the first thing I would be checking. I kept a fuser for 11x17 and a fuser for 12x18. Those lines remind me of fuser issues, though it has been a few years since having a machine with that type of fuser.

              If your machine has SIQA I would recommend calibrating with that for alignment. On our old J75 it worked wonders... when SIQA worked (first 3 or 4 months and then would never read again).


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                How long ago has the 2nd BTR been replaced?


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                  Thanks for answering guys, well the machine is new it was kept stored for 2 years (for many reasons) out of its box sadly, all drums and fuser and BTR are still from day 1 i started the machin a little less than a year ago.
                  Where can i see that 2nd BTR i don't really know wher it is.
                  Only issue i had a while back was from Cyan Developer block the small transparent plastic thin got a hole so it made a black line on all prints (not really a blank line, it had no cyan on that line).
                  And if it can be an issue, i noticed some "lines" on the drums i don't know if it is supposed to be like that.


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                    If you are leasing the printer have the tech and or anilast come in and train you on the printer including diagnosing defects. If you bought this printer then hire someone to train you to diagnose defects and replace parts or make the necessary adjustment as needed.


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                      I had a tech come by and according to his diagnostic it's the black drum starting to die, it's at 23% and i had a big B/W book run something like 60K A4 sheets overs the period of a month. Anyway to keep people updated, it's the drum, the cyan uniformity too is most likely caused by drum getting used.
                      For the marks on the paper even on unprinted areas he said it is likely to be the fuser roller after that much usage but it is not that big of an issue.
                      I have to tahnk everyone for answering me, nice from you guys, hope to learn more and more over here


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                        We have the same issue, the colours are banding on our 550. Getting a tech in to replace the drums fixed your issue? Ours is banding on Cyan mainly allthough it seems to get better towards the centre of the printed sheet. I've been told to just use it more because it's new with us & that may help iron this out but i'm not sure.

                        Least i know i know now that it's not that the 550 just can't do it so thats a help.


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                          Hello, sorry we had lots of things going on.
                          Well the issue had gone away without the drum change, looks like bad coated stock quality, and for color uniformity i guess the machine has it's limits for better solid colors on plain pages especially on coated paper it "does what it can" lol


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