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Xerox Color 560 solid color problem

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  • Xerox Color 560 solid color problem

    Hello, i own a Xerox 560 got it new never used and now i noticed that kind of gradient like on solid colors especially on heavy paper (300gsm), i can't figure out where it comes from, i thought maybe the drums but they'r still a 65% so any help would be welcome.
    solid color  looking gradient like

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    Couple of quick points: It sounds like you might have a side-to-side uniformity problem. On the Xerox machines without SIQA this can be a problem. Obviously you should use whatever calibration tools are available in your RIP controller. A tech might be able to help with new belt and other wear part replacement. We have a Xerox Versant now that will show problems sometimes when the drums are at 60%, so even if the parts have low use they can cause a problem. Not a problem for us because we are on a click and our drums are essentially included free. We are pretty particular on quality and this does fix some issues. There will be a point where these change outs will not fix the problem on older series Xerox's. (We have had 3 earlier model docucolors, etc).
    In the old days we would be careful never to use solid blocks of color in designs for Xerox printers because of uniformity issues and roller marks showing. Uniformity is really important when imposing four cards onto a single sheet. A bit of pattern or noise in the mostly solid color helps hide the problem. In our experience with the machines in the 200 and 700 series the uniformity problem gets to a point where it cannot be fixed. We replaced the machines when it became unmanageable. We also were very unimpressed with our Xerox 500 series' ability to hold consistent quality and returned it after about 30 days.


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      Thanks for all th info, i tried "image transfer settings" which fixed a little the black color on a full A3 sheet. i also noticed some "bands" on the paper from feeding edge to the end, it's not toner its more like a pressure on the paper, i am still waiting for a tech to come by and do a check.


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        On the 550 you'll have a PC app you can install to use the Density Uniformity Adjustment tool. Its on a SIQA cd.
        Here's a link for you:

        Now know that you can run this tool over and over again. Only needed to do that once but in that specific case, I ran the tool five time on a terrible paper and it fixed it completely, getting better every time I ran the tool. Most of the time one pass works for that difficult stock.

        The Image Transfer Settings you refer to is for when, for example, your reflex blue becomes mottle on thicker stock: the machine needs to 'pull' harder via the electric field to gather enough toner on the sheet. On the 550/C60 platform this is done on a paper range basis (aka Coated 3B for example). On the Versant its on a per stock basis which is much nicer.

        Your Xerox support should be able to assist you with this.

        Cheers and good luck


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          Hi Shaare thanks very much for the answer, problem is i tried SIQA and it says that my machine is not supported i own a Colour 560 not a C60. Also thanks for clarifying the Image Transfer option, i don't know if those older models have some way of configuring the densitiy uniformity on the machine itself like the alignement and registration. Still waiting on that tech to spare some time for me.


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