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Konica Minolta 1085 ghosted image on prints

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  • Konica Minolta 1085 ghosted image on prints

    We have been having issues with the c1085 leaving a ghosted image of the previous impression on the print. It usually happens with typical heat on 100# gloss cover. You can actually read the previous impressions type in the darker solids of the next sheet. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    On Ricoh and Xerox, ghosting is caused by a bad fuser.


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      @ Jeffrey O - Did you ever resolve this issue?? We're having similar problems


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        Reduce heat and or weight. Should clear up the issue we used to have major ghosting issues on a certain #80 gloss cover job we ran.


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          Thanks, but still having the issue running any type of 80-100# Coated GL, technicians cant figure out issue either


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            Lower the temperature and pressure.
            Warning I am a Ricoh tech.


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              I run C1060s. I've never had a ghosting issue and frequently run coated cover stocks. What I've found running the Konica printers is that consumables tend to 'die' before their life is up. If your techs aren't changing parts because they're within tolerance for lifecycle...they could still be the culprit.


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                How high is the meter? It could be a fuser problem.

                If you have had the machine running for a while, you can consider selling to Kingnote at


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                  It's a fuser temperature issue. Once I just changed which tray it was feeding out of and it fixed it. I assumed because that try had a different temp setting. Your tech should be able to change the setting and get it to work. I had issues with 100# gloss cover.


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