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Ricoh C7100 density/saturation issues

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    Originally posted by studioindustria View Post
    Ricoh prides themselves on extensive R&D in paper libraries. I'd hold them to that. Did you try flipping the sheet? Obvious I realize but something we forgot that can sometimes be an easy fix.
    So this is very true, they have an extensive facility back East that is set up with perfect climate control including the paper they are testing. However, most shops are not setup for strict climate control and because paper either sits for long periods of time under many environmental conditions or shipped the morning it needs to print, the Factory paper catalog is good to have but does not effectively work for most papers listed. In fact some where they, for the 901 for instance, have a rating system and will give a grade. The A's sometimes do not work at all. So I say this because yes, sometimes you can just pull one of the entries over but it does not mean it will work. I have found myself doing A Lot of custom paper cat entries for this reason. Without it though yes that would not be good and also some do work but I find more than often they are not the best setting for the respective media. It's actually quite frustrating sometimes.

    Just had to comment on that because with the 901 especiall,y the Factory Paper cat let me done more than it helped. The 651 and 7110 a little better but more of a get you in the ballpark then manual tweeking follows.


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