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Xerox J75 to Xerox Versant 180P Transition

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    Originally posted by PricelineNegotiator View Post

    Actually we do a lot of reprints and I can grab things from 3 years ago with the J75 and they look exactly the same or at least visually very close. Good to know that Xerox kept it up for the V180!
    I have heard good things about the J75, it was just not our experience. I really think we had a lemon and Xerox eventually after fighting for a year and unable to fix the issues gave us full credit for it as well as a hefty discount on the V2100.

    If I did a proof 9 am and it was approved at 10:30 am I would fight to get it to match again, colour was all over the place, calibrated or not.


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      Final call for any negatives on this press! We're looking at the performance package as we run a lot of tight deadline jobs on 100# cover gloss, along with the 2-knife trimmer and the square-fold + face trimmer. Any input is truly appreciated.


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        Does anyone have experience with the SIQA on this machine? I never got the SIQA on the J75 to run correctly, so I had always resorted to manually adjusting the registration and skew. How does it handle 13 x 19" sheets with the SIQA?


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          I do! Just like your J75, I couldn't use SIQA on 13 x 19 on my old C75. Got so good at it that I didn't bother to use SIQA on any of the sizes. I always adjusted registration manually. On this machine I have (V180P), SIQA works beautifully on all media. I have not timed myself but I think it takes less than three minutes. You print a sheet, scan it four times and done.

          As for any negatives, I finally have one. Yesterday it went down due to waste toner backing up and murdering the gears on the waste toner drive motor. Funny thing is, my C75 did the same exact thing, at the same time - a few months after install. I got this V180P on January 10 and it now has 174,000 impressions. I guess that's not bad for the first service call. The only other negative is the external RIP. Not because of features. I actually love it and don't know how I got by all these years with an embedded RIP. My complaint is that it's over-priced. But that's really hard to say considering EFI has no real competition.

          I wanted the performance package for the exact same reason you do, tight deadlines and heavy card stock. Don't really care about anything else on the press, I wanted that speed on card stock. Seriously, my expectations were exceeded in that regard. Probably over 75% of what I print is card stock - business cards, rack cards, post cards, and invitations. Man, I'm gonna sound like I am drowning in Xerox kool-aid but this machine has brought the joy back into printing for me. Lol!


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