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Konica C3080 vs. Xerox V180

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  • Konica C3080 vs. Xerox V180

    I'm looking to upgrade my equipment and just got pricing back from both machines (see below). Can anyone provide a recommendation based on their experience with either of these machines or their predecessors? Also, how does this pricing look. I will be mostly printing on 11x17 paper.

    Xerox V180
    High Capacity Friction Feeder
    Standard Finisher
    EFI Embedded controller
    ES2000 Spectrophotometer
    $805.31/month for 60 months
    click charges - B/W - $0.0099 all sizes; Color - $0.036 <8.5x14, $0.39 up to 11x17, $0.071 >11x17

    Konica C3080P
    High Capacity Vacuum Feeder
    Standard Finisher
    Envelope Fuser
    EFI Embedded controller
    ES2000 Spectrophotometer
    $839.00/month for 60 months <-- I can likely get them down to $805.00
    click charges - B/W - $0.009 all sizes; Color - $0.039 all sizes

    All unit are very comparable with the exception of the Vacuum feeder for the Konica machine. The Xerox has a friction feeder with air puffers.

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    We have a Versant 2100 and it has been a rock solid production machine. No clue about the Konica. There are a reviews here of the V80 and they are generally pretty good. I would get out and demo both machines, take your toughest jobs and see how they run. Make sure you set up everything, bring files on a USB stick and prep everything on the fiery with them.

    Our Versant has been very stable colour wise which has been great knowing a year down the road I will be printing the same, or very close to what I had printed before.


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      We have a Konica C-1060 that we have been running for over 3 years now. Prior to that we had a Konica LD-6500. We have been happy with our C-1060 as well as the service we get. We run primarily a 12x18 sheet size, both cover and text weights with gloss, dull and uncoated finishes. Color is stable and we get very few jams from the feeder.

      One feature that we have liked about Konica is that with the type of toner their machines use, you don't get the glossy toner sheen that some other printers give you. So, for example, if you are printing on 100# dull stock, the sheen from the toner gives a dull look and not a glossy look like some other printers. That was a big selling point for us as we wanted our digital printing to match closely to our offset printing.

      Pricing for the Konica that you mentioned seems about right.


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