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Which side to print first/second on high coverage?.

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  • Which side to print first/second on high coverage?.

    Hi there.
    Just wondering what are the thoughts out there on this. I have to manually duplex 350gsm, (My Xerox V80 is only rated for 300gsm). I have all ways done the high toner coverage side second. Is this correct? or do you take it on a job by job basis?
    I do a lot of 2sided business cards on 350gsm. Just a second point are there any machines out there that are rated for duplexing 350gsm that are not crazy $$$? (Im' talking about V180 type money not i gen type money)
    Your thoughts/input is appreciated.

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    Have you tried duplexing it? I have a v80 and auto duplex 350gsm silk and 350gsm uncoated without bother. Just set to 300gsm. It depends on the grain direction. When I used to manually duplex on our dc242 I would run high coverage second as the toner used to make it slip slightly if run first. I manually duplex 400gsm and it holds register, wouldn't attempt auto duplex with that.
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      Hi Pip

      Thanks for the input.

      Yea I know I can duplex 350gsm, but does this mean I should? The techs love you to give them anything to enable them to just throw there hands up and not try to fix the problem. Bad register! not our problem you are running out of spec, Can't get image straight! not our problem you are running out of spec. You get the idea. Maybe they are not like this in Ireland but they certainly are in New Zealand.

      Just aside, what are your thoughts on the V180? the feeling I'm getting is apart from all the finishing options it's not really any different to the V80.

      thanks Simon


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        I wouldn't be telling the engineers I auto duplex 350gsm, thus if it isn't behaving I wouldn't be able to call them about it but its never been a problem, just runs perfectly.

        Yeh can't say I'd be jumping to upgrade to V180. The only reason would be for 660 sheet length as Xerox in Ireland won't unlock that on v80 for us.
        Also the fancy creasing unit isn't available here. The rest is as you said the same.


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          I was told by a Xerox tech to run the high coverage side second, especially on coated stock. He said there was less chance of toner scratching or scraping off that way. (We were doing booklet covers at the time.) This was on a 700, for what it's worth.


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            Even with auto duplex it's could make a difference which side is printed first. I would say the high coverage side second but if it doesn't do what you want don't be afraid to try something else.
            Warning I am a Ricoh tech.


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              On our digital machines (iGen 5 & colorpress 1000) I always try to run the heaviest coverage last when I'm running duplex, mainly to help with any scratching you might get when it's duplexing.

              On the oddball job we've had to run one side at a time for whatever reason, I also run the lightest coverage side first. That second pass through the fuser makes the already printed side even glossier when it heats back up again.


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                Thanks guys. Just as I suspected. As a side issue has any one seen much of a click rate move down in the last year-18 months?. A few years back one of the incentives the major players (Xerox, Ricoh etc...) would use to get you to upgrade was a reasonably click rate reduction. Not any more! you are lucky if you get offed 1/2 a cent off. Talking to a few printers out there if they do give a reasonable drop they just load it onto the capital cost of the machine (or lease cost). I guess there is obviously a lot less room for movement when you are talking 6c per colour SRA3 as against 12c.
                Any thoughts?


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