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  • 6x17" booklet best combo

    Hi guys, I am working with my marketing team on a ecom project.
    We are looking at printing a personalized 6x17" booklet with all our orders. Those would follow one of five templates where a part of the text/images are static and a part personalized.
    I need this to be printed at the fulfillment step when the order is being prepared.
    My marketing team gave me a quite aggressive target of 12 cents (paper + printer costs).
    The paper chosen so far is a Williamsburg Offset White Smooth 70# , printed double side. With ideally a full bleed red square on the cover page.
    The folding style is a double parallel.

    I am trying to get the best compromise between cost per page, quality and efficiency of the process (to minimize labor costs).

    So far I am looking at using :
    - Bartender Automation edition as a VDP software
    - A printer like the Ricoh 5200
    - A folding machine like a dynafold DE42FC or Martin yale 1811

    Assuming this workflow :
    - Paper sourced cut and with red square pre printed.
    - Personalized fields generated by bartender software. then pdf sent to the Ricoh
    - Manual insert in the folding unit

    My calculations are that assuming 13k booklets per month I'd pay about 16 cents for the booklet + manual labor to insert and remove in the folder. It's still a lot compared to my target.

    Thoughts ? So far my concerns are :
    1/ will bartender do the job ? Or should I look at fusionpro
    2/ Is there cheaper than the Ricoh 5200 ?
    3/ WIll those folding machine do the job ?

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