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Getting double clicks with 13 x 26 sheet on V3100

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    Its not a double click up to 19". Or shouldn't be. It will be the standard color click plus the Large which is up to 19" in length. Over 19.1" to 26" you would add 2 of meter XL. Most printers don't run this length from my experience.


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      Some printers can register a 19" as 1 click, but it apparently messes up the service guys as the count is incorrect. The manufactures spec yields off of a letter size click. So technically a 19 is registered 2 clicks and a banner is registered as 4 clicks. How it is billed is dependent on your contract. We negotiated banner at 1.5 our normal click rate. A click being anything up to 19" inches. This means the accounting department has to read in all counters to calculate billing.


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        Our machine has a total impressions (click) along with a breakdown of what they are. Total impressions includes anything below 14" i believe, and then a separate column for Large sheet clicks. All you have to do is a little math and you can figure out what everything is. Also, our banner print is something like large click+ 2 small clicks or something like that. Idk, honestly i never even plan on using it.


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