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  • Ricoh pro c7100sx

    I am getting alot of background dirt/ noise /toner dust in the non print area of the paper. I have been given some settings to try and they reduce it slightly. The press is not in a controled enviroment. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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    Likely to be caused by drum or dev unit.


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      You sure it is not rust?
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        Got some rust on my Indigo but that is 13 years old. No not rust Shawnd


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          Higher humidity in a non controlled environment with a hot fuser will have water in the unit which can cause rust, especially in the fuser. Not a joke reply.
          (2) Ricoh Pro 7110SX digital printers
          OKI C931e with Straight Shooter Envelope feeder


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            Is it happening on every type of media?

            Did anyone come in before you started to notice this and play with voltages?

            You can try the maximum density settings 017-020 to see if this helps. Ideally you would go to the negative end of whichever colorant is giving you the issue.

            Also with big swings in temp/humidity throughout the day try to perform "Color Registration".

            Also pull the charging roller and just make sure it's nice and clean. You can you damp cloth and dry it as well before putting it back in. For that matter if you have a fresh one stick it in just to see if you see a difference only takes a second.

            That's all I got but if I think of something I'll try to post it.

            Good luck!


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              You may want to want to check that the drum is working and no damage on the inside somehow...

              Good luck fixing!


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                Thanks for the replies. shawnd I did take the rust remark seriously so thanks. The problem is more noticeable on heavy stock, the marks are made up of all colours. Top tech gave me this as a souloution

                settings for background

                29,30,35,36,37,38 increase these settings by 10 ie -70 to increase to -80

                135 move 1 place to left ie low goes to middle or middle goes to high

                then calibrate.

                This helped a bit.

                We have run indigo's for along time and get around humidity / temp problems so we are a bit wary of spending out on correcting this for the Ricoh. "I know two completely process's"

                Many thanks for all your replies.


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