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Static on Konica C3070

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  • Static on Konica C3070

    We have a Konica C3070 and pages are coming out with static on them (so the pages are sticking together). There is a little module just before the finisher that is meant to remove static but I can't recall how to make use of it. Does anyone have any idea?

    I have a feeling this is related to my other question and thus causing issues with my Duplo folding machine.

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    I am a KM rep in the US. We have seen this issue before. The antistatic unit on the exit side before your relay unit or finisher will resolve the issue. I would first confirm with KM service the antistatic unit is enabled. If enabled then voltages for the unit may need to be adjusted by service to resolve static on the sheets. There are no adjustments by the user for the antistatic unit, get KM service involved. (Typically occurs with heavier stocks) We have hundreds of units installed with the anti static unit with no complaints.
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      Hi gazfocus, I work for KM. That unit works automatically, nothing for you to turn on/off. The static roller does need to be replaced after awhile, so it might be time for a service call. If it’s brand new, it’s possible it wasn’t installed correctly. Either way, place a service call and they should get you working right.


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        Static has always been a problem with Konica's machines that have a small paper path. That unit they say gets rid of the static is not very good either. I have a 1060L and I cannot use a top feeding folder to fold after the cut because the sheets are stuck together. I have a bottom feed folder and that is the only way I can fold the product coming out of the C1060L since it completely removes the static.


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          Thanks for the replies. When we had the printer installed I could have sworn the engineer said there was some adjustment available for the anti static unit.

          I will give KM a call and see what they say.

          Thanks guys.


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